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Privacy Notice - you, us and your personal information

Why do you have a privacy notice and where can I find out more?

We want to be clear with you about how we use your personal information and data. We want to treat you fairly, lawfully and in an open way.

“Personal information” includes any information that could be used to identify you such as your name, home address, national insurance number, passport number, images and other contact information. We hope to have answered all your questions and you can also read our full Data Protection Policy here.

Who can I talk to at the Trust about my personal information and data?

If you have any questions about your personal information, please get in contact with us. The person in charge of your personal information at the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust is CEO, Frank Fletcher. Frank can be contacted by:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 01983 297750
  • Post: Units 53-57, East Cowes Marina, Off Britannia Way, East Cowes, Isle of Wight PO32 6DG.

  • Where do you get my personal information and data from?

    The vast majority of data we hold is given to us by you, but sometimes we obtain some of it from elsewhere. If you are under 18 years old your personal information will need to be provided to us by your parent or guardian.

    We collect personal information about you when you come on or register your interest in coming on an Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust trip, if you volunteer or register to/use your skills to support us in some other way, make a donation, sign up for an event, submit a fundraising enquiry, order merchandise, apply for a job, visit our website or otherwise give us your personal information.

    If you are joining us on a trip, we will ask a member of your hospital team for information on your treatment. We will ask your consent before doing this.

    If you are fundraising, your information may be shared with us by third parties. For example, if you create a fundraising page or crowd funding page via JustGiving or any other third-party fundraising platform, we will have access to data about these fundraising pages created by users (such as your name, email address) so we can understand who is fundraising for our benefit and in turn contact you about your fundraising efforts. This data will not be used for marketing purposes unless you opt in to this.

    If you donate via JustGiving or any other third-party fundraising platform and provide your consent, we will collect contact information on you from these sites. These sites share details about donations made to us, including your personal data (such as your name, email address and postal address). We will only receive your personal details if you opt-in to receive communications.

    What personal information and data do you collect and why do you need it?

    Young people and trips

    We collect medical information on everyone who joins us on one of our trips or events (young people, volunteers, staff, contractors, and our guests). This is vital information to keep you and others safe, so we ask you to provide your explicit consent to our collecting your health data. Indeed, we have a legal obligation to collect some of this information.

    We can’t keep people safe if you remove this consent so if you decide to change your mind, or do not provide consent, we would not be able to allow you to join us onboard and may not be able to allow you to continue to help us for an event that is not water related.

    We will need to keep in touch with you about your trip or event so have both a legitimate interest and a legal obligation in collecting your personal information.

    We have a legal obligation to process Disclosure & Barring Service (called the Protecting Vulnerable Groups Scheme in Scotland) checks on Trustees, staff, contractors, and volunteers who have contact with young people and vulnerable adults.

    Fundraising and donations

    We collect personal information about our donors to enable us to process their donations (including regular donations via Direct Debit) and from the purchasers of our merchandise. The lawful basis for processing this information is because we have both a legal obligation (HMRC, Gift Aid, Charity Commission) and a legitimate interest in so doing.

    We collect your contact information as we have a legitimate interest in keeping you up to date with the work of the Trust and, possibly, in asking for further support. We will ask for your consent for us to contact you for fundraising and/or marketing purposes.

    Employment and recruitment

    We use personal information on our employees to process payroll, pensions and undertake our responsibilities to HMRC. The lawful basis for this processing is that we have both a legal obligation and a legitimate interest. We share this data with our accountant / payroll services provider.

    We retain information about unsuccessful job applicants for two years to facilitate individual feedback requests from applicants, and to enable us to comply with any reporting requests.


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    The legal basis for our using cookies is consent. We will ask for this consent the first time you visit our website. You are invited to 'Accept all cookies’, which means you accept cookies for the three purposes of Functionality, Ad & Analytics (as detailed below) or you can click ‘Customise’ to set your preferences.

    You can change your preferences at any time by clicking the ‘Cookie settings’ link in the footer at the bottom of our website. You can choose to accept ‘All’ or just ‘Necessary’ cookies, which include:

    • Functionality cookies - necessary for the proper functioning of our website. Without these cookies, the website might not be working properly.
    • Ad cookies - used by us or our partners to show you relevant content or adverts both on our site and on third party sites including social media. This enables us to create profiles based on your interests, so-called pseudonymised profiles. Based on this information, it is generally not possible to directly identify you as a person, as only pseudonymised data is used. Unless you express your consent, you will not receive content and advertisements tailored to your interests.
    • Analytics cookies - allow us to measure the performance of our website and our advertising campaigns. We use them to determine the number of visits and sources of visits to our website. We process the data obtained through these cookies in aggregate, without using identifiers that point to specific users of our website. If you disable the use of analytics cookies in relation to your visit, we lose the ability to analyse performance and optimise our measures.

    We use a third-party service, Google Analytics, to collect standard website log information and details of visitor behaviour patterns. We use a third-party provider, Later, to manage our social media interactions to collect standard information and details of visitor behaviour patterns.

    Do you share my personal information or data with anyone?

    We never share the personal information of our donors with other charities for fundraising purposes or use this information for wealth screening. Upon you contacting us, we may share the information that you provide to other staff members and, possibly, with our Trustees. We do not share personal information unless it is necessary and appropriate to do so.

    We will share the following information:

    • Personal and medical information (including your name and age) with our staff, medical advisor, skipper, volunteers and the third-party trip providers with which we work to keep everyone safe on our trips.
    • Your credit card details and personal information with our payment provider.
    • Your bank details if you make a regular donation with our bank.

    Does any of my data go outside the UK and EU?

    We may send data to two organisations outside of the UK.

    MailChimp - based in the United States of America. This information is used to send our e-newsletters and occasional updates and information about our trips and impact, fundraising, events and volunteering opportunities. We only do this if you have consented to receive our email communications, or we believe we have a legitimate interest in doing so. Mailchimp is part of the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework. Click to read MailChimp’s privacy policy.

    Stripe – an Irish-American financial services and software as a service (SaaS) company dual-headquartered in South San Francisco, California and Dublin, Ireland. This information is used to process transactions, payments and donations made via our website and on the phone. Click to read Stripe’s privacy policy.

    How long do you keep personal information about me?

    We only keep your information for as long as we need. Unless stated otherwise in this Notice, we will keep your contact details for seven years whilst we still have a legitimate interest or legal obligation to do so.

    We do not hold your medical information for more than two years after your last trip or event with the Trust unless there was an incident or accident, which means there is a reason for us to do so. In that case, we will keep this information for seven years but delete it earlier if the matter is resolved with our no longer having a legitimate interest or legal obligation to retain it.

    We have to keep the information about donations for seven years as it may be relevant to Gift Aid. With our staff, the information will be retained for seven years for HMRC purposes.

    Can I see the information and data you hold on me?

    You have the right to see the personal data the Trust holds on you. This is called a subject access request. If you wish to do this, contact our CEO Frank Fletcher on the details above. We will provide the information free of charge within 30 days of your request We may charge for any excessive or repetitive requests.

    What if the information you hold on me is incorrect?

    If you inform the Trust that the personal data that we hold on you is incorrect, we will correct it within 30 days of you letting us know. If we hold lots of personal information on you it may take us a maximum of two months to make any corrections.

    Can I ask you to delete the personal information you hold on me?

    Yes, you can ask us to delete any personal information we hold on you. We will do so unless there is a legal obligation that prevents us from dealing with your request or an overriding legitimate interest for us to continue with the processing (or both). We aim to delete your information within 30 days of any request but if we hold a lot of personal information on you it may take us a maximum of two months. We will inform you once we have deleted all of your personal information.

    How do you keep my personal information and data secure?

    We know how important personal information can be and take special care to keep the information secure which we only share when necessary and appropriate. We have policies and procedures to do this to which our staff and anyone who has access to your information are required to adhere. If your personal information is accessed or disclosed when it should not have been, we will inform both you and the relevant authorities.

    What if I am not happy with how you have used my personal information or data?

    Please talk to us, we are really keen to put it right and treat you fairly, lawfully and in an open way. If you have spoken to us and you are still not happy, you can talk to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) - ICO Make a complaint.
    You can lodge a complaint with the ICO at Wycliffe House, Wycliffe Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 5AF (Telephone: 0303 123 1113).

    Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust, a company limited by guarantee, (Company number 4597114 and registered charity number 1096491, OSCR No SCO44013 in Scotland), registered address: Units 53-57, East Cowes Marina, Britannia Way, East Cowes, PO32 6DG.

    DOWNLOAD: Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust Data Protection Policy