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Young people are going to need us more than ever after COVID-19. We have to be here for them. Push your physical or mental limits, or do something fun with your friends. What you do could define a young person’s future.

How you’re giving young people their future back

Whether you take part in an event, organise a fundraiser or conquer a personal challenge, this is your impact.

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£5 will pay for crabbing sets for a trip

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£15 will pay for summer essentials water bottle and suncream for a trip

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£30 will pay for kit for our volunteers who give up their time to support young people

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“Now I’ve done this I’m like I can do everything again, all the things I used to. It’s reassured me the things I want to do, I can definitely achieve.” - Dervla.

John's Annual Clay Shoot

"Conversations with a young person made me realise what a profound effect the Trust had had on his life post-cancer treatment." - John

Across the years, John Burton's annual clay shoot day has rasied enough money to support more than 80 young people on their first sailing trip — that's over £50,000! John first got involved with the Trust in 2012.

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