Philanthropy and Major Gifts

Whether pledging to support our work over time or making a one-off major gift, your generosity will inspire even more young people to believe in their brighter future living through and beyond cancer.

Making your difference

Philanthropy looks different to different people, reflecting the many diverse ways you might choose to make your difference.

Every gift or donation we receive has an impact on transforming young lives after cancer and we are incredibly grateful for every single one.

Any donation or pledged gift of £1,000 we consider a major gift.

If you’re considering making a major gift, please get in touch to discuss your area of interest or donation in more detail. Please consider that it may be possible for us to work with you to enhance the value of your donation via Gift Aid.

When you give a major gift, you can expect:

  • A personal contact to answer any of your questions
  • Regular updates on the impact of your giving
  • The opportunity to see our work in action
  • Exclusive invitations to events

For further details please contact, Megan Griffiths, Relationships Fundraiser at [email protected] or by phone on 01983 297750.

Email Megan

“My trip helped me realise I will never be back to the person I was before, but that’s ok, because me now is perfect too." - Georgia

Long term support

Could you make a multi-year commitment to the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust that will have a lasting impact for years to come?

By being a 'Brighter Futures' giver, you have a unique opportunity to create a lasting impact on young people in living their brighter future after cancer.

Further benefits could include the chance to join one of our transformational sailing or outdoor adventure trip to see first hand the difference you're making.

For information

Please contact Megan Griffiths, Relationships Fundraiser at [email protected] or by phone on 01983 297 750.

Bigger Impact, Brighter Futures - Our Ambitions for 2023-25

'Bigger Impact, Brighter Futures' lays out our three-year Ambitions to be even more accessible and inclusive to all young people who have a cancer diagnosis in the UK and ensure every young person we supports experiences belonging and improved mental wellbeing with the Trust.

Read our 2023-25 Ambitions The difference we make

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