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The relationships the Trust has built with companies and corporate partners have changed the lives of hundreds of young people in recovery from cancer. How could your workplace make a difference?

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Your Charity of the Year

Young people right across the UK are supported by the Trust. That means someone local to where you work will have benefitted from a trip.

However big or small the company, adopt the Trust as your ‘Charity of the Year’ and you and your colleagues can do something immeasurable to help more young people rebuild their lives after cancer.

What could you do?

Organise events – raffles, quizzes, bake sales, benefit dinners, sponsored cycles, walks, fun runs, treat amnesties, make the boss dress up, whatever it might be make sure there are lots of them! Doing fun stuff with workmates never feels like an effort, and bosses love things that help colleagues bond as a team.

Donate goods and services – is yours a company where the Trust could really benefit from what you do? It might be something that would make a real difference on trips? Or possibly something that helps operationally in Cowes or Largs?

Match funding

If your company supports ‘Match Funding’ this can double all your fundraising efforts too. The most common type of match funding is 1:1, which simply means for every £1 that is raised, your company gives a further £1 to the cause.

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Corporate partnerships

Building Corporate Partnerships

Long-term corporate partnerships enable the Trust to set ambitious targets and plan ahead with confidence knowing the support is there to fulfill these. In return, Trust events and media exposure give companies a platform to reach and engage with new audiences and to promote their relationship with the Trust.

Unique insight

For everything your company and staff do to support young people in recovery during the year, we can provide opportunities for a number of employees to join a trip to see first-hand the impact your efforts are having on so many young lives. We are always very grateful for new ideas and inspiration from potential corporate partners.

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Better Connections, Bigger Impact - How we're doing

In 2020 we set out 'Our Ambitions for 2020-2022'. But how are we getting on after the first two years? Read about the progress we've made towards building stronger relationships with, and making a greater long-term difference to, more young people living through and beyond cancer.

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Sailing With Musto

"My best bit was seeing what the young people got out of the trip and the new friendships they were forming with each other.​"

Since the Trust launched in 2003, our partnership with Musto has been indispensable. Musto have kitted out our young people and crews since the very beginning. Not only that, but our partnership gives members of the Musto team the chance to join the Trust for a day at sea, like Sarah...

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