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Join a first time trip then come back and stay supported. All our trips, for 8-17 and 18-24 year-olds, are free to anyone who has been treated for cancer.

In the same boat

It's the phrase we hear more than any other. Everyone on our trips is "in the same boat", quite literally!

But for young people who have had cancer, spending time with others who've been through similar to them and just 'get it' can be a major step in starting to move on after treatment. For many, it is the first time they have had that chance.

The friends they make, the laughs they have, the acceptance they find, boundaries they push, independence they gain and skills they learn help each young person rediscover what they are capable of and stop feeling like 'the only one'.

They feel optimism for the future and start to re-establish their purpose and place in the world. They believe in a brighter future.

The door is always open

On Trust trips some real magic happens, and it's not really about sailing or being on the water, it's about being together and having an adventure.

We see a huge transformation in so many young people the first time they come sailing with the Trust.

They can then stay part of our community and keep coming back. Many young people go on to volunteer, some even gain qualifications to work on Trust trips.

That continuity is important and can make the real difference in a young person believing in a brighter future.

People say 'You've got cancer, let's get you physically better,' but they neglect the mental health side. The Trust is almost solely focused on rehabilitating the mental health side and connecting people."

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Year round support and signposting

More than your trip

Whether you're looking forward to your next trip or are new to the Trust, there are lots of other ways to get involved and stay supported all year round.

From signposting to further support and inspirational 'My Life Now' stories of young people supported by the Trust after treatment. Or brush up your sailing skills before your next trip with our Trust Tutorials YouTube series and listen to the latest episode of our Sound Waves podcast.

Whatever else you need, we are here.

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Omar's Story

I’m the kind of person who might keep themselves bottled up, but now, I’m opening my bottle, slowly.

Sailing was like therapy for Omar, who found a safe space to open up and connect with others like never before. He explains how spending four days on a boat with people that have similar experiences allowed them to really bond.

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Young person getting onto yacht showcasing 2023 winning Musto tee-shirt design.

Design our 2025 Musto tee

Whether you’re coming sailing or enjoying an outdoor adventure this summer, you are invited to get involved!

This is chance for your design to feature on the 2025 edition of the Musto long-sleeved t-shirt, which will be worn by all young people on next summer’s trips.

All you need to do is capture, in words or pictures, ‘What The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust Means To Me’ and either hand in your entry form on your trip or send to us by post/email afterwards.

By taking part, you will automatically be entered into a random prize draw to win an amazing Musto goodie bag worth £350!

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