Fundraising Complaints


We are entirely reliant upon the funds that we raise.

We aim to maintain all necessary and appropriate standards, including compliance with the Code of Fundraising Practice published by the Fundraising Regulator, and we take any concerns about our fundraising activities very seriously.

A complaint can be made as follows:

Telephone: Call 01983 297750 and ask to speak with our Chief Executive Officer, Frank Fletcher;

Email: [email protected] (or one of our Trustees [email protected]; should your complaint concern Frank Fletcher);

Send a letter to: Frank Fletcher, Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust, Units 53-57 East Cowes Marina, Britannia Way, East Cowes, PO32 6DG (or to Dave Hobin, Chair of the Board of Trustees, at the same address should your complaint concern Frank Fletcher).

You must please provide your full name, home address, email address and telephone numbers when making the complaint.

Where possible, we will ensure that the complaint is investigated by someone within the Trust who is independent of the events complained about. Where this is not possible, we will consider whether a third party should be asked to conduct the investigation.

We will respond to your complaint in a respectful, open and honest way and ensure that any learnings from your complaint are acted upon. We will inform you of any changes made to our services, guidance or policy as a result of a complaint.

If our investigation results in showing that something has gone wrong, we will take appropriate action to resolve the matter, including apologising where appropriate.


Pursuant to the Fundraising Regulator’s “Complaints Process” (published in August 2020) your complaint must be made to us within three months of the fundraising incident or communication giving rise to the complaint.

We will acknowledge any written complaint within ten working days from receipt and, if necessary, will provide a more detailed response within four weeks of receipt of your complaint. In the event, that we need more than four weeks to investigate and resolve the complaint, we will write to set out the reason for the delay and provide a deadline for the resolution. It may be that there will be a delay consequential upon our needing more information from you in which event we will inform you of the deadline.

The Fundraising Regulator

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your complaint, you can refer the matter to the Fundraising Regulator. By reference to the Regulator’s Policy, any referral to the Regulator should be made within two months of our final response in the event of the matter not having been addressed or you feeling that your concerns have not been satisfactorily resolved.

DOWNLOAD: Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust Fundraising Complaints Policy

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