Complaints Policy



The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust is committed to providing high quality, professional standards to all those who use our services and to those who support us in any way. We view any complaints received as an opportunity to improve our practices and services. Please contact us if you have any complaints or feedback that you wish to bring to our attention. We are committed to ensuring that:

Those who use our services, provide support, as well as the wider public, know how to make a complaint and can easily do so;

  • Those making a complaint know that it will be dealt with sensitively, honestly and fairly;
  • Complaints are dealt with in a timely and efficient manner;
  • Our staff are aware of this Policy and Procedures;
  • Where possible, complaints are used to process improvements.

Please note that:

In the event of the complaint relating to our fundraising that you need to refer to our Fundraising Complaints Policy. Any complaint involving a potential fraud, safeguarding or a whistleblowing issue will be dealt with according to the Policies that govern these areas.

If you wish to make an anonymous complaint, we will seek to investigate it but may not be able to respond to you unless you provide your contact details.

What is a complaint?

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction or concern about the standard of service, actions or lack of actions taken by us as a whole, our staff members or volunteers which affects an individual or group of individuals with whom we are involved.

How do I make a complaint?

Any individual or group can make a complaint or one can be made on behalf or someone else. In the event of a complaint being made on behalf of someone else we will consider data protection issues when responding.

You can complain in the following ways:

  • In-person to any staff member;
  • By email to our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at [email protected] (or if your complaint should be about our CEO to the Chair of our Trustees, Dave Hobin: [email protected];
  • By phone +44(0)1983 297750;
  • By letter: Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust Units 53-57, East Cowes Marina, Off Britannia Way, East Cowes, Isle of Wight PO32 6DG.

Anyone who posts negative feedback on any of our social media channels will be invited to discuss their concerns with a relevant staff member and/or to make a formal complaint via the channels listed above.

How long will it take?

We will endeavour to acknowledge a written complaint within five working days from receipt. It will be investigated by a staff member of sufficient seniority who will be identified to you. You may be asked to provide more information to assist us with our investigation (which might include our seeking information from any individual who is the subject of the complaint).

We aim to resolve complaints within 15 working days. In some instances, it may take longer in which event you will be informed of our progress. We will provide you, or the person on whose behalf the complaint was made, with the findings and outcome of our investigation.

If you are not happy with our response

We take complaints seriously and aim to resolve them properly and in full. If you are dissatisfied with our response, the complaint can be referred, via the Chair of our Trustees, Dave Hobin, to our Board of Trustees ([email protected]). You will please need to explain why you are unhappy with our response and what steps you would like to be taken to rectify the matter.

If, following the response of the Board of Trustees, you continue to be dissatisfied, we will seek to direct you to where you may be able to take the matter further, which is dependent upon the nature of the complaint.

We will seek to treat any disclosures in a confidential and sensitive manner and we are committed to taking all reasonable steps to maintain your anonymity when requested, unless we are legally required to identify you.

We are committed to taking appropriate action to protect any individual that raises a concern from any harassment, victimisation or bullying.

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