There are so many ways you can help inspire a young person to believe in a brighter future living through and beyond cancer – the only limit is your imagination!

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Change young lives

Young people in recovery from cancer are going to need the Trust more than ever through and in the aftermath of COVID-19. We have to be here for them.

Isolation, loneliness anxiety, anger and fear are all challenges young people and their families experience during and after cancer treatment. COVID-19 is intensifying every one of these to unimaginable levels.

Do something incredible to support the Trust and you will help young people start to look beyond cancer towards a future they might never have thought was possible.

Knowing you are making a life-changing difference is the only motivation you need.

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Support the Trust this Christmas

There are many ways you can support the Trust this Christmas and help inspire more young people to believe in a brighter future living through and beyond cancer. From shopping our Christmas gifts to doing some festive fundraising. And don't forget for everything you buy on Amazon, to do it through Amazon Smile to donate to the Trust!

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Other ways you can help

Get inspired for 2021

However you’re supporting the Trust, take advantage of our awesome fundraising resources. Including our Trust fundraising guide, collapsible collection box, proposition letter, range of posters, sponsorship form, flyers, postcards, talks guide and more. Download what you need from our website or contact our team the real thing!

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Santa raft race

"So many people are touched by cancer, people are keen to support financially. To find a charity which offers something so positive to young people really inspired us."

Camilla and Adam Johnson raised almost £4,000 for the Trust when they got dressed up as Santa for the Lewes to Newhaven Raft Race. The race happens each year on the River Ouse in East Sussex and involves spectators throwing eggs and flour at a whole host of novelty floats and their crew.

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