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Volunteers are our lifeblood. So, whether you're volunteering on a trip, sharing your story or helping out with fundraising or events, what do you need to know to make sure you can make the biggest difference.

The difference you make

Get ready to volunteer!

The Trust inspires young people to believe in a brighter future living through and beyond cancer. By giving up your time, you are changing young lives.

Whether you're getting hands-on and supporting young people in one of our trip volunteer roles, sharing your story, or helping at a fundraising event or festival, whatever you do will help a young person feel more accepted, independent and optimistic as they re-establish their place in the world after treatment.

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Getting ready to volunteer

There will be lots you will want to know before volunteering for the Trust. These resources will help.

How we look after young people

The safety and wellbeing of young people is our number one priority.

So there are a number of things we need to do and check before our volunteers represent the Trust to make sure young people and their families feel confident we are looking after them in the best way possible.

This includes if you are volunteering at an event or festival where you may come into contact with young people.

Completed DBS/PVG checks

Up-to-date disclosure is a must. In England and Wales this means a DBS check (needs updating every three years) and in Scotland and NI this is a PVG Scheme Certificate (a rolling check). Here are some useful links...

Completed a Child Protection course

All volunteers must have completed a Level 2 Child Protection course and have a certificate or training record as evidence. If you have a certificate please email it to us, or we can send you a link to a free course.

Signed our annual Safeguarding Agreement

Safeguarding is an essential part of the Trust’s goal of rebuilding young people’s confidence so every year volunteers must read and sign our Safeguarding agreement.

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Volunteer laughs as they apply sunscreen to a young person's face

Be yourself. Every volunteer brings something unique and special to the Trust.

Help spread the word

Media Phones

Media phones are specifically to get photos and quotes to help the comms team tell the story of the Trust, including through social media. The media phone(s) will be allocated to a volunteer(s), who will be briefed on how to use them before the trip/event starts. They should only be used by the allocated volunteer (unless with prior agreement of the comms team) and shouldn't be a distraction to the volunteer’s primary role or young people’s experience.

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