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Volunteers are our lifeblood. So, whether you're volunteering on a trip or helping out with fundraising or events, what do you need to know to make sure you can make the biggest difference during your time with the Trust.

The difference you make

Get ready to volunteer!

The Trust inspires young people to believe in a brighter future living through and beyond cancer. By giving up your time, you are changing young lives.

Whether you're getting hands-on and supporting young people in one of our trip volunteer roles, or helping at a fundraising event - dishing out jelly babies to runners or spreading the word at festivals - whatever you do will help a young person feel more accepted, independent and optimistic as they re-establish their place in the world.

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I am volunteering on a trip

There will be lots you will want to know before volunteering on your trip. These resources will help.

Media Phones

On your trip there will be up to 2 media phones. These are specifically to get photos and quotes to help the Trust communications team tell the story of the Trust, including through social media, during trip season. Boat cameras should continue to be used for general trip photos/memories for young people. The media phone(s) will be allocated to a volunteer(s), who will be briefed on how to use them, before each trip. The media phones should only be used by the allocated volunteer (unless with prior agreement with the comms team) and should not become a distraction to the volunteer’s primary role or young people’s experience.

Media Phone Brief & Usage Policy

How we look after young people

The safety and wellbeing of young people is our number one priority.

So you will understand there are a number of things we need to do and check before our volunteers join a trip to make sure young people and their families feel confident we are looking after them in the best way possible.

Completed DBS/PVG checks

Up-to-date disclosure is a must. In England and Wales this means a DBS check (needs updating every three years) and in Scotland and NI this is a PVG Scheme Certificate (a rolling check). Here are some useful links...

Completed a Child Protection course

All volunteers must have completed a Level 2 Child Protection course and have a certificate or training record as evidence. If you have a certificate please email it to us, or we can send you a link to a free course.

Signed our annual Safeguarding Agreement

Safeguarding is an essential part of the Trust’s goal of rebuilding young people’s confidence so every year volunteers must read and sign our Safeguarding agreement.

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Volunteer laughs as they apply sunscreen to a young person's face

Be yourself. Every volunteer brings something unique and special to the Trust.

The Big Volunteer FAQs

Do I need to have had my COVID vaccination?

As in 2021, vaccination forms part of our risk assessment to minimise the COVID risks as much as possible, both to the young people and their families and the Trust team (skippers, volunteers, staff) who will be involved in the trips. Our full position on vaccinations for volunteers, skippers and young people can be found here - Vaccinations Update.

I was classed as Clinically Extremely Vulnerable, can I volunteer in 2022?

Yes! We are reverting to our pre-pandemic eligibility criteria (subject to vaccination status - see 'Do I need to have had my COVID vaccination?' above), and are excited to welcome back those volunteers who sadly weren't able support the Trust in-person in 2021.

Will the Trust supply lateral flow tests for last minute volunteering requests?

We will update the below to reflect what will happen in 2022 once next summer's trip plans have been finalised.

We will supply lateral flow testing kits to all volunteers due to come on a trip. How far in advance we send these is currently being looked at. If you are called up at the last minute due to a late drop-out, for example, it maybe that you will already have your kits and/or we will get a kit in the post to you asap if there's time before the trip. If not, at the moment, you can order free NHS lateral flow tests online and pick up from pharmacies or local test centres. Our trips are happening in July, August and September and we don't know whether that will be the case then. So how it will work in practice will become clearer in the coming weeks and is still under discussion.

What happens if a few volunteers test positive, will the trip be affected?

We will update the below to reflect what will happen in 2022 once next summer's trip plans have been finalised.

This forms part of our ongoing risk assessment work. If someone tests positive on a trip, how do we get them home? Or what happens if someone goes home from a trip and tests positive? This is detail we're now working on and there will be processes and procedures in place, but, yes, the trip will be affected. As members of the Association of Sail Training Organisations (ASTO) we're not alone in this. Everyone's having similar discussions, which is really good, because we're able to share knowledge. Some ASTO member organisations also ran activities last year so we're sharing the learnings as we start to plan and put those really important stages in place. We will share the detail of all this when we get closer to the trips.

I'm volunteering on a sailing trip this year but haven't sailed since pre-COVID. What can I do to refresh my skills?

We will update the below to reflect what will happen in 2022 once next summer's trip plans have been finalised.

There's all the fantastic Trust Tutorials our skippers filmed for us throughout Virtual Summer, and there's some really great refreshes there - view the Trust Tutorials playlist. If you do have any particular questions or concerns, drop operations managers, Laura or James, an email and they can send you some website links and point you in a few different directions to help.

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