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The Trust community comes together on Sound Waves to spark conversation and tackle the things that matter to anyone impacted by cancer in young people. Whether you're out for a walk or sitting down with a warm mug of tea, come aboard and join the conversation.

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'The only one' - the impact of feeling accepted

Over the last few years the Trust has done lots research with young people, families, hospitals, charity partners, the wider Trust community. The latest series of Sound Waves is all about the difference and the brighter futures you have told us the Trust makes, and it’s brought to life by young people and their real-life experiences.

Athena, Meg, and Leanna - who all sailed together in 2021! - start things off by talking about what feeling accepted means, and the difference it makes when you no longer feel like 'the only one'. That's a feeling we've been hearing about time and again, and they make clear why it's so important.