02 February 2021

Welcome to the Trust community

Young people in recovery from cancer and beyond are invited to join the Trust community for support now and in the future.

Bringing young people together during their recovery has always been the aim of the Trust, forming new friendships and connections with people who have been through a similar situation helps reduce feelings of loneliness. The Trust community is here to help young people overcome isolation, feel happier, increase positivity and believe in a brighter future.

From half-term hangouts to monthly drop-in sessions and a letter-writing network, there are more ways than ever to connect with people just like you. Here are the ways you can get involved...

You’ve got a friend in me!

Trust Letters is open to anyone in recovery from cancer aged 8-24ish, whether they have been on a Trust trip yet or not. We would love to invite you to join our network so you can chat, connect and form a friendship with someone who has been through a similar experience to you, all through the therapeutic power of letter writing.

To join the scheme, please complete this online form to let us know a bit more about you, so that we can match you with your like-minded pen pal! (The only information we will share with your new pen pal is your first name, the rest can be discovered through letters!

We will send you everything you need to be involved in Trust Letters (paper, envelopes a pen - and the postage is pre-paid) so taking part will have no cost to you.

Parents or guardians of under 18's must take part by making sure what is written and received is appropriate. Agreeing to this Code of Conduct keeps everyone involved safe.

Trust team member Beth can't wait to have even more young people join Trust Letters: "It’s been wonderful hearing what a positive experience exchanging letters has been for the young people involved and it’s really special to see friendships forming over pen and paper."

Join Trust Letters by signing up HERE.

Let’s talk

For young people who need further or specific support in their recovery, monthly ‘A conversation about…’ drop-in sessions are held in partnership with post-cancer care experts. After hosting a talk on nutrition with Trekstock and a session focusing on survivor’s guilt with Nurse Specialist Sue Morgan from Teenage Cancer Trust, these sessions have proved invaluable.

Join us for 'A conversation about wellbeing' on Friday 12 February at 6 pm, hosted by Mental Health First Aiders Susie and Gavin, they will both talk through ideas to help with feelings of isolation, anxiety, and taking care of your wellbeing. This is a chance to share some of your thoughts, feelings and emotions in a safe space with people who understand.

Get involved HERE.

Half-term hangouts

Young people can come together to have fun, laugh and enjoy spending some time with others who get it. We've hosted a range of great game nights from quizzes to Articulate, Pictionary and Bingo to our famous Boaty Bake-Offs. As well as more chilled hangouts such as the popular watercolour workshops where you can wind down and learn new skills. Having something to look forward to is especially important and a great way to overcome 'lockdown loneliness.'

The next date for your diary is Tuesday 16 February at 6 pm. Prepare to be wowed and amazed with the Trust's very own virtual magic show with the Professional Icebreaker. Magician, Leigh's virtual magic show is packed full of comedic moments, dazzling illusions and interactive tricks for everyone to be part of. This is the perfect opportunity to bring everyone together in the most magical way!

Sign up HERE to reserve your spot.

Further support

We have all experienced a level of isolation during lockdown, but this is a normal part of life for many young people going through cancer treatment. Isolation, loneliness, anxiety, anger and fear are all challenges young people, and their families experience during and after cancer treatment. COVID-19 is intensifying every one of these to unimaginable levels. That’s why we must be there to support them.

For those that need further support beyond the Trust, we have updated our Signposting page. Click HERE to access further information and guidance.

Looking ahead

We hope to safely support young people in person again over the summer this year. Please sign up HERE to receive further information about our trips and plans to get back out on the water in 2021.