You've got a friend in me! 

Leanna joined our Trust Letters network to stay connected with other young people who understand. Having previously written many letters to inspire young people living with illness, Leanna knows the power of the pen.

There are more ways than ever before to communicate with one another, but there will always be something special about writing letters.

We would love to invite you to join our network so you can chat, connect and form a friendship with someone who has been through a similar experience to you, all through the therapeutic power of letter writing.

There's something really special about getting a letter; It's like a little bit of joy sent in the postbox.

Join Trust Letters

Here's how it works...

Trust Letters is open to anyone living through and beyond cancer aged 8-24ish, whether you have been on a Trust trip yet or not. You will be paired with someone of a similar age and who shares some of your interests or hobbies.

To join, complete the sign-up form to let us know a bit more about you, so you can be matched with your like-minded pen pal. We will only share your first name; the rest can be discovered through letters!

It’s been wonderful hearing what a positive experience exchanging letters has been and it’s really special to see friendships forming over pen and paper.

We will send you everything you need to be involved in Trust Letters (paper, envelopes a pen - and the postage is pre-paid) so taking part will have no cost to you. Parents or guardians of under 18's must take part by making sure what is written and received is appropriate. Agreeing to this Code of Conduct keeps everyone involved safe.