Why we matter

When a young person is diagnosed with cancer, life goes on hold just at the time they are starting to form their place in the world.

The impact on independence, education, employment, emotional wellbeing and their relationships with friends and family is huge. Many young people are also left living with a range of long-term physical effects.

The Trust helps young people rebuild lost confidence to discover a future they might never have thought was possible.

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“I stopped being the kid in the corner...”
Meet Anne



“I re-found my hunger for life because of the Trust.”
Meet Keith



“There’s always more to do with the Trust. That’s why it’s unique.”
Meet Kirstie


Ben O

“The Trust changed both our lives.”
Meet Ben O


“Of all the medicines Maxine had, that first trip was the one that made her better.”
Meet Maxine

Our impact

The Trust rebuilds confidence in young people in recovery from cancer.
But what makes someone feel more confident?

This is what our young people told us they had gained from their Trust trips in 2015-16:

confidence photo

Confidence: 91.4%

friendships photo

Friendships: 95.5%

enjoyment photo

Enjoyment: 96.1%

skills photo

Skills: 96.6%