I re-found my hunger for life because of the Trust.

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Keith was 21 when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2011.

The body image issues he endured crushed his self-esteem.

But having rediscovered his confidence with the Trust’s support, he is now a dedicated Trust volunteer and fundraiser, desperate to help others re-imagine their futures in the way he has.

I went from working and living an independent life in London to being stuck in a hospital bed back home in Liverpool, needing help to do everything.

I had shoulder length hair I loved, but had to shave off, and because of the steroids I was on I weighed 23 stone. I ate so much junk food because I already hated how I looked.

I was also dealing with becoming infertile.

How would that affect relationships?
When do you tell someone you like you can’t have children?

I didn’t talk to people or want to make friends because of the way I felt about my body and how I looked.

When I was at rock bottom I thought I’d wish that this thing would kill me so I didn’t have to deal with everything else.

I couldn’t tell people this; I didn’t want to let on to my family about how it affected me because me being ill broke their hearts.

I didn’t want to hurt them any more.

On my first Trust trip, I did things I never thought I’d do and I made amazing friends.

That trip really did change my life for the better and started off the process of rebuilding my confidence.

I re-found my hunger for life because of the Trust.

You’re around people who have survived cancer and you realise you’re talking about your experiences and feelings and it doesn’t feel like people think you’re doing it for attention.

There’s no judgment from anyone.

I’d never change my diagnosis, it turned me into the person I am today.

I wouldn’t know the people I know or have the friends I have, I have a much more positive attitude to life.

I didn’t think twice about becoming a Trust Graduate Volunteer on joining the Trust’s Youth Board when I was invited.

If I can help one young person get 1% of what I got out of my trips that for me is job done.

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