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The volunteers on Avni's sailing adventures represented a brighter future for young people who'd had cancer. Now a volunteer herself, she has become the kind of role model she looked up to.

Avni sitting cross-legged on the bow of one of the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust's yachts, smiling at the camera
Avni sitting cross-legged on the bow of one of the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust's yachts, smiling at the camera
I remember the first volunteer I met who'd been supported by the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust. I thought she was really cool!

She was able to help out on the boat and I just thought, wow, if I'm able to do that one day, that would be pretty epic.

I wanted to become a volunteer because going on these sailing adventures is one of the best things I've ever done, and I wanted to give back to the charity. I really appreciated the trips I went on, it's a great place to come out of your shell after having a bit of a difficult time.

Young people realise they're not alone, there are others who have gone through similar things, similar treatments.

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Avni is standing on a small box alongside three other volunteers, who are all wearing helmets and smiling at the camera while taking part in a fun volunteer training day activity
Avni wearing sunglasses with bright blue rims and a bright pink and red headband, smiling at the camera on board one of the charity's boats

Because I've been supported myself, it's easier to talk with the young people on trips about what they've been through.

It's not something you feel like you can bring up with your friends, you don't want to make the atmosphere awkward. But here, that doesn't happen. It feels normal and natural. It helped me talk about it with my friends afterwards.

What could be better than volunteering? You get to be by the water with amazing people, you get to be outdoors, you get to learn new skills. You get to say you've sailed! How many people can even say that? I just can't think of one negative thing about it to be honest.

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