Emmie's Story


"Coming here helped because I’ve been lonely. This has just been the best thing ever for me."

Going through cancer as a young person can be so isolating. For Emmie, it meant missing out on school and feeling like she had to play catch up.

Emmie missed out on a lot of primary school when she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia at seven. Three years of treatment meant life and education were put on pause in hospital and being poorly at home.

"I was sad because I couldn't go anywhere, I was quite lonely. I didn't meet many people because I was so sick, I didn't get the chance to meet anyone or do anything."

On her trip, she was able to let go of her anger towards what she had been through and form bonds with people who completely understood what she was feeling.

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"I’ve been waiting for so long just to talk to someone similar. I feel like all my worries have just drifted away."

Having those people around made Emmie realise she wasn’t alone in what she had been through.

“It’s really helped me because I don’t really think about other people having the same thing as me. Coming here has helped because I’ve been lonely and this has just been the best thing ever for me.”

She had been waiting ‘a while’ for the chance to talk to people who could relate to her experience.

Being on a boat with them meant everyone understood if there were any tasks she found difficult

"It was the best thing I could have ever chosen to do."

Sunglasses on!

Emmie has spent much of her teenage years anticipating the chance to properly talk about what she went through.

“I feel that I’ve been waiting for so long just to talk to someone similar. I’d been a bit angry, wondering ‘am I ever going to lift up somewhere?’

"Coming here, talking to other people, I just feel like this massive heavy weight has fallen away.”

Although she was nervous before her trip, by the end of the week she felt more able to go out and try new things again.

“I’ve learned to not worry about things, to just be confident and be yourself, and do whatever you can do.

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