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The summer of 2021 will look a bit different to usual as we introduce regional one-day 'Taste of the Trust' first time trips. We hope young people get so much from this, they are inspired to return for a full four-day sailing trip in the future.

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Get a Taste of the Trust

Young people, who have not been supported by the Trust, before, might be reluctant to be away from home for four days on a boat while COVID is still with us.

So for 2021, we're introducing regional ‘Taste of the Trust’ days at 10 coastal and inland venues across England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Welsh borders - 8-17 and 18–24-year-olds will have their own days.

Depending on location, these will either be a day of yacht sailing or multi-activities at an outdoor centre, with the aim for 80% of young people to be within 90 minutes drive of a venue, to limit the need to use public transport. As always, to make sure everyone can come on a trip, transport will be provided from all primary treatment centres.

The hope is the young people get so much from the day, they are inspired to return for the full four-day Trust sailing experience in the future, hopefully, next year.

"It's like the Trust turns cancer into a positive thing in your life." – Rachel.

Register for 2021 2021 FAQs

The Trust on tour

For the first time, we will visit different parts of the country, to bring young people together closer to their homes. This is where we're going...

The other big Taste of the Trust questions...

When are the trips?

There are six weeks of Taste of the Trust days starting on Monday 12 July with the last one on Wednesday 25 August. For 8-17-year-olds, the trips take place during the summer holidays.

How will I get there?

As always, to make sure everyone can come on a trip, transport will be provided from all primary treatment centres. To minimise the use of public transport we will be using private minibuses and coaches to travel from each PCT to the site.

If it’s more convenient for a young person to travel directly to the site, rather than go to their PCT first, because they live closer to the site for example, then we are encouraging them to limit their use of public transport. If they would typically use public transport for this journey, then contact the team and we can look in to helping with private travel. But, please let us know asap if you need assistance with this so we can get things booked up.

If a young person/parents wants to drive directly to the site, that’s also no problem, just let us know as much in advance as possible.

Will we be the only groups using a centre on that day?

Yes, we have sole use of all the centres for the Taste of the Trust days and of the yachts for our sailing days. Some of the boats will be the Trust's own.

What COVID safety measures are you taking this year?

Everyone taking part in a trip will need to do a COVID test at home that morning (before joining the transport and/or travelling to the site) - the Trust will supply these ahead of the trip - and will be temperature checked when they arrive on the day.

All activities will be subject to rigorous sanitisation standards - personal and equipment - including hand washing, antibacterial cleaning, use of anti-viral fogging machines where appropriate, etc. Equipment, including waterproofs and lifejackets, will be sanitised between activity groups with deeper COVID-cleaning procedures between Taste of the Trust days.

Hand washing and sterilising will form part of briefings and will be as much as part of the day as putting on suncream and making sure everyone is drinking enough. Antiseptic wipes to be used regularly on all well-used touch points on sailing and outdoor activity Taste of the Trust days. Protocols on distancing and mask wearing in confined spaces in line with current advice at the time.

All activities, including briefings and lunch, will take place outdoors so there is good ventilation, considerably reducing the chance of COVID transmission.

What will a one-day sailing trip be like?

The exact format of the trips are still being finalised. But we can guarantee you will experience the full magic of the Trust!

A number of yachts will be on the water at the same time and you will get plenty of time to enjoy having a go at helming the boat, controlling the sails and chatting to your crewmates. And then there's the legendary Trust waterfights!

You won't be sailing all day and your skippers and volunteers will all be very experienced with the Trust and know just how to make the day perfect - we will be bringing the Trust magic with us and you will get exactly what you need from your day.

The aim of the day is for everyone to want to come back for a full four-day sailing trip in the future so we hope you enjoy your Taste of the Trust!

What will we do on outdoor activity days?

The exact format of the trips is still being finalised. But we can guarantee you will experience the full magic of the Trust!

What you do will vary from centre to centre, depending on the centre’s location and what they specialise in. For example, with the Longtown Outdoor Learning Centre based in the Brecon Beacons, you could find yourself rock climbing, gorge walking and canoeing, while at the flatter Whitemoor Lakes you're more likely to be dinghy sailing, abseiling and doing archery. With the next COVID roadmap milestone due on 21 June, we will be able to tell you after that date what activities will be possible.

All the Trust team with you at the centre will be very experienced and know just how to make the day perfect - we will be bringing the Trust magic with us and you will get exactly what you need from your day. The aim of the day is for everyone to want to come back for a full four-day sailing trip in the future, so we hope you enjoy your Taste of the Trust!

How many other young people will be on the trip?

It will vary from venue to venue depending on the activities and the ability to social distance and maintain safety. On some of the sailing days there will be up to six young people on any one day, but at some of the outdoor activity days there could be up to 30. You will, as far as possible, be with other young people of a similar age.

I still get really tired or lack energy. Will this stop me coming?

No way! All our staff and volunteers understand the after-effects of cancer, including fatigue, can last a long time. They can make sure you get as many rest breaks as you need. You will be encouraged to join in all the activities, but won’t be forced to do anything you won’t be able to manage. We always also try to put young people into groups with similar abilities, so no one feels left out. You will surprise yourself.

What if I feel seasick?

We want you to enjoy your trip so we won't go out sailing if it’s really rough or windy. Before your sailing day, we will keep an eye on the weather forecast and if it looks like it's not going to be great, we might postpone for another time that week. We would of course be in touch with you throughout to let you know. We also have plenty of tips and tricks to help if you do feel a bit green while at sea.

I can’t swim. Does it matter?

Nope! Lifejackets will be provided for when you are sailing or doing any other watersports activities.

What do I need to bring?

Closer to the time of your trip we will send you a full kit list with all the information you need. You won’t need any specialist clothing, waterproofs or a lifejacket – we provide all that - just normal clothes, including some warm layers and shoes you don’t mind getting wet.

Should I bring my phone and spending money?

Any phones or valuable electronic equipment are bought along entirely at your own risk and we cannot be responsible for any loss or damage. We recommend these are left at home, but do understand you may want to bring a phone along for the journey. Network coverage and charging facilities can vary greatly from location to location. Our staff and volunteers will have phones you can use to phone home if necessary and a Trust contact will be provided to family and friends should they need to get in touch on the day. Because everything is provided, you only need enough money for any extra snacks or souvenirs you want to buy. We suggest no more than £20.

When do you need my medical form back by?

No later than Six weeks before the start of your trip please! If you're having any problems getting this completed and/or you have any questions please either speak to your hospital contact or the team a line to [email protected]

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Because of the Trust, young people feel more...

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Finn's Story

We’ve not had much control over our lives because of the experiences we’ve had. It’s really nice to be able to reclaim that.

No longer feeling in control after a diagnosis is normal. His first trip put Finn back in the driver's seat.

Find out more about Finn's Story

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Returning to sail

This isn't a typical year at the Trust. As happy as we are to welcome new young people to the Trust in 2021, we know we make our biggest difference when young people can come on a four-day sailing trip and then stay involved through our ongoing return trip programme.

That's why anyone who comes on a Taste of the Trust day this year will be invited back on a full four-day trip from our bases in Cowes and Largs in the future, hopefully next year.

Many young people need continued support over time. Once a young person has been on a four-day trip, they are invited back the following year with a choice of trips depending on their age. Some are week-long sailing trips, others are outdoor activity residential weeks across the UK

Wherever a young person lives and whatever stage of recovery they are at, they can always turn to the Trust. Our return trips are where we make a lasting difference.

First time trips Return trips
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