Return Trip Information

Everything you need to know to prepare for and get excited about your Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust return trip adventure.

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It's great to see you again!

Whether you're coming back for the first or your fifth time, we can't wait to see you again this summer!

Here is everything you need to know for your Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust return adventure. From what to bring to things to remember, at your fingertips, this will help you prepare for your sailing or outdoor adventure trip.

Please note: Your travel information will be emailed directly to you (over 18s) and parents/guardians (under 18s). But if you have any questions please get in touch.

Now it's time to get excited!

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What do I need to bring?

Any problems? Email [email protected]

Pre-trip reminders

A few things to look out for ahead of your trip. Remember, we will call you in the week before your trip so if there is anything you're still not sure of we will be happy to help.

Media consent
Permission to use your photos and interviews

Young people’s stories are pivotal to more young people being inspired to come sailing with us. Photos and interviews from trips are key to this.

Your Media Consents - Images & Interviews form will be emailed to you, asking if you would be happy to be photographed, filmed and/or interviewed on your trip and explaining the ways these might be used.

When you receive that please do complete and submit it to let us know.

Remember: Your consent can be withdrawn or changed at any time.

Keeping you safe
Guidance for if you are unwell before your trip

What should you do if you've been or feel ill before your Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust sailing adventure?

We support young people after cancer, including some who are clinically vulnerable. So, to keep everyone as safe as possible, there are a few things we ask.

You can find all the latest advice here - Guidance on pre-trip illness

Pre-trip medical information
If you have certain medical requirements.

If you are taking replacement Hydrocortisone and have an Emergency Hydrocortisone Injection, are at risk of an anaphylactic allergic reaction and have an emergency adrenaline auto-injector or have been told we require a blood count within 7 or 28 days before the trip (depending on your circumstances), there are some other things to do too.

Find out exactly what we need by when here - Pre-trip medical information

Trip feedback
Help us make a bigger difference to more young people

We need to understand in what ways our trips make a difference to young people’s wellbeing after treatment.

2 weeks pre and post trip and 3 months after, you will be sent a short questionnaire. Please complete and return each of these so we can see how we have a bigger impact on more young lives.

We would like to send the questions directly to all young people, who will be aged 14+ on their trip. If you are a parent/guardian, and are happy for us to do this, please tell us on the Media Consent form. We will only use these contact details for sending the questionnaires. All other contact will remain with the parent/guardian.

Getting further support

In partnership with specialist youth charity, Mind Over Cancer, young people who need further support can apply to take part in monthly free mental wellbeing sessions between over the winter/spring.

Would you like to join a free online group where you can remember the good times with the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust and talk with people who understand about some of the issues it may have raised? Maybe you just want to chat to new friends who 'get it'.

The groups will be full of care, kindness, joyfulness and friendship. It's a place to learn, process and reflect and to look after your wellbeing. Think you could benefit? Details about 2024/25's sessions will be coming soon


Find out more

Be part of the magic - giving back

How you can keep making a difference

Many young people want give something back to say 'Thanks' for the life-changing impact our trips have on them.


From representing us at fundraising events and festivals or sharing your story, to being a champion in your community or volunteering on sailing and outdoor adventures, you can have a huge impact in young people believing in their brighter future.


Whether pushing your physical or mental limits, or doing something fun with your friends, you will help inspire more brighter futures. Knowing you are making a life-changing difference is the only motivation you need. The only limit is your imagination!

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