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Love your first sailing experience? Want to spend more time stretching your sea legs in different places or on different types of boat?

Enjoy the responsibility and challenge of longer cruising, and see how far you've come since your first trip, by returning to sail again.

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The big Return to Sail questions

What medical information do you need?

Your medical information comes from the digital medical form you fill in prior to the trip, so make sure you include all relevant, up to date medical and non-medical information you feel we should know about.

I still get lack energy and don't feel very fit. Will this stop me coming?

No way! All our staff and volunteers understand the after-effects of cancer, including fatigue, can last a long time. They can make sure you get as many rest breaks as you need. You will be encouraged to join in all the activities, but won’t be forced to do anything you won’t be able to manage. We always also try to put young people into groups with similar abilities, so no one feels left out. You will surprise yourself.

I can’t swim. Does it matter?

Nope! During the trips we don’t actually go in the sea, so you don’t need to be able to swim. Lifejackets will be provided for when you are sailing.

What do I need to bring?

Not as much as you think! Closer to the time of your trip we will send you a full kit list containing all the information you need.

Please don't bring big bulky bags or suitcases as there is very limited storage space onboard - a soft holdall or something that can be squished down is perfect.

You won’t need any specialist clothing, waterproofs or a lifejacket – we provide all that - just normal clothes, including some warm layers, shoes you don’t mind getting wet and a pillow. You will basically live in joggers/leggings, a hoodie and your Trust trip t-shirt! We also always have plenty of high-factor sun cream on all of our trips.

You can download your kit list here - Return to sail trip kit list

What will we eat?

You will be preparing your own meals onboard, with everyone mucking in. We will always do whatever we can to cater for everyone’s needs and aim to promote a healthy diet. You can tell us if you have any dietary requirements when you complete your Medical Form. You will be given a Trust water bottle to use whilst on the trip and we will make sure you drink plenty of liquids whilst on and off the water.

Should I bring my phone and spending money?

Any phones or valuable electronic equipment are brought along entirely at your own risk and we cannot be responsible for any loss or damage. We recommend these are left at home, but do understand you may want to bring them along for the journey. Our staff and volunteers will have phones you can use to phone home if necessary and Trust contact will be provided to family and friends should they need to get in touch while you’re away. Everything is provided so you only need enough money for any extra snacks or souvenirs you want to buy. We suggest no more than £20.

What if I have to miss my trip?

If you end up not being able to make your trip because of illness, we will try to get you on a trip later in the summer or you will be guaranteed a place on a trip next year. Talk to us and we will work to make sure you don't miss out. It also won't affect your eligibility to come back on future trips.

All advice and guidance on what to do if you've been or feel ill before your trip can be found here - Guidance on pre-trip illness.

How many times can I come back?

Everyone gets a minimum of three Trust trips (including your first time trip). If you are 8 on your first trip, you can continue to return up until you turn 18. If you are 17 on your first trip, you can come back for two return trips as an over 18. If you are 18 or over on your first trip, you can return for two further adventures.

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After finishing treatment, Josh rushed back into everyday life. It was too soon, and meeting others on an Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust trip helped him prioritise his own recovery - without rushing.

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