Mind Over Cancer - wellbeing support programme

Getting further support

In partnership with specialist youth charity, Mind Over Cancer, young people who need further support can apply to take part in monthly new free mental wellbeing sessions between October and May.

Had a great time on trips this summer? Met new friends, hooked back up with old ones? We know, whilst being heaps of fun, your trip will also have brought back some memories about your time dealing with cancer, and that can be hard.

Our support groups are full of care, kindness, joyfulness and friendship. It's a place to learn, process and reflect and to look after your wellbeing.

Would you like to join a free online group where you can remember the good times with the Trust and talk with people who understand about some of the issues it may have raised? Maybe you just want to chat to new friends who 'get it'.

The pilot sessions of up to 10 young people will take place for 14-17 year-olds and over 18s every month from October to May and are open to anyone who attended either a first-time or return trip in 2023. Think you could benefit? Apply now.

CLOSING DATE: Friday 29 September 2023.

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Susie Shaw (left), Sue Morgan (centre) and Frank Fletcher, Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust CEO (right)

"We recognised that after treatment stops, that doesn't mean the thoughts and feelings stop, and we're huge believers in looking after our wellbeing and mental health." - Susie.

Meet Mind Over Cancer

Meet Susie (left), Sue (centre) from the amazing Mind Over Cancer team, who will be running the programme sessions.

Susie has over 25 years’ experience delivering mental health support to young people living through and beyond cancer and is also currently working with the Trust to train our team and volunteers in mental health first aid. She is awesome!

Sue Morgan MBE is a legend in the children and young people’s cancer world and a Mind Over Cancer Trustee.

A Nurse Consultant at Leeds Teaching Hospitals for over 30 years, she believes the services Mind Over Cancer offer helps give young people and their families the tools to cope with the challenges a cancer diagnosis brings, both during and after treatment.

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