22 August 2019

You're not alone - looking ahead to Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

During Childhood Cancer Awareness Month this September, we will be sharing stories from young people to highlight how our trips stopped them from feeling alone.

Did you know as many as 83% of young people going through cancer treatment report feeling lonely - young people often feel like no one understands what they’re going through, even though they are surrounded by people they feel lonely because they can’t say what they really feel.

Earlier this summer we launched our #Unspoken project to give young people the opportunity to share all those things they struggle to discuss outside of their trips.

Being able to open up and share feelings with others helps young people feel less alone and more accepted as 17-year-old Emmie puts into words:Emmie Smith Profile pic

"I feel that I've been waiting for so long just to talk to someone similar and I feel like coming here all my worries have just drifted away which really helps. I'd been a bit angry wondering am I ever going to lift up somewhere and coming here and talking to other people I just feel like this massive heavyweight has just fallen away.”

We want young people to feel reassured that opening up and being vulnerable – which in itself is difficult – is all part of overcoming loneliness.

During September we would like to invite you to get involved by using #Unspoken Join the conversation on our Instagram and Facebook stories to help raise awareness. Together we can ensure no young person feels alone during their recovery.

PPL Thanks for helping us tackle Loneliness and IsolationTackling loneliness and isolation 

We would like to say a special thank you to the players of People's Postcode Lottery for the extra award we received this year to help us ensure even more young people can feel like they aren't the only one.