21 April 2022

Emily and dad inspiring brighter futures

Emily Wright sat having a cup of tea while sailing Emily Wright has shown she can achieve her dreams by recently completing her RYA Day Skipper course with the London School of Sailing.

Emily, who is registered blind, was inspired by trying new things with the Trust, gaining the confidence to throw herself into a whole range of different activities. She was hooked the first time she sailed with the Trust aged 13, following treatment for an optic pathway glioma - a slow growing brain tumour that forms around the nerves carrying information from the eye to the brain.

Over the years Emily has developed her skills by returning to the Trust each summer and taking on new challenges from water-skiing to bouldering in the Trust’s 2020 'Round Britain Your Way' fundraiser.

There’s no stopping Emily or her family as her dad Ian is now preparing to take on the Largs to Cowes ‘Brighter Futures’ Cycle Challenge in June.

Emily Wright waterskiingThrowing myself into new challenges

Emily said: “It’s the visual side of things that affect me the most as I’m registered blind which has impacted my life, but I deal with it by throwing myself into a whole load of activities to prove to everyone that I can still do stuff despite everything.

“I do things in slightly different ways as keeping watch of the boat is something I’m never going to be great at, but I can help with plenty of other things and help in adapted ways.

“On Trust trips, you’re surrounded by a whole load of people who have been through the same as you. There are no questions of ‘why are you hobbling a bit?’ or ‘why are you walking with a cane?’ everyone just gets on and tries and does everything just in their own way.

“I'm now hooked and even sail with my university. I'm also hooked on dinghy sailing - I have Blind GB match racing training this weekend!”

Ian Wright cycling through the mountains“A perfect opportunity to show my appreciation.”

Over eight days this summer Emily’s dad Ian will saddle up and join the Largs to Cowes Cycle Challenge to inspire more young people like his daughter to believe in a brighter future.

Anaesthetic Consultant, Ian will be on his bike whenever he gets the opportunity between juggling family duties and work commitments.

Having always wanted to take on a multi-day cycle event Ian said: “This was the perfect opportunity for me to show my appreciation for the support and encouragement you gave to Emily and every other young person on your trips.”

What an incredible family. You can support Ian and the Largs to Cowes ‘Brighter Futures’ Tribe here.