21 January 2019

Why young people in recovery need your support on World Cancer Day

Monday 4 February is World Cancer Day - this is an international day of awareness to highlight the effects of cancer and empower people to come together and take action.

Cancer can make a young person feel like a 'normal' life is an impossible dream - this is the challenge thousands of young people face every year and is why the support of the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust  is vital during recovery.

Young person Libby said "When you finished treatment for cancer it's still always there and that's what a lot of people don't understand. You're just expected to snap back to 'normal' but processing what happened is very hard."

Thankfully survival rates are increasing which means there are more young people like Libby who need our support!

Months and even years of grueling treatment saves lives but destroys confidence and strips away independence. Young people are cocooned and endlessly told what they can't do because of their illness.

The impact of cancer doesn't suddenly STOP when treatment is over...

Sailing and outdoor adventure trips with the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust help young people deal with the psychological fallout of cancer.

Young person Wen said " I can honestly say my recover would not have happened without the Trust. I'm not even sure if i'd still be alive without their support - the trust has helped me find purpose, and kept me focused on recover."

For young people like Wen, the long term support of the Trust can be a lifeline.

Connecting with young people who have shared similar experiences is an important part of the healing process, allowing young people to adjust and process the trauma of their experiences to help them rebuild their lives and confidence after cancer treatment.

You've seen why what we do is so vital, but we can only do it with your help.

With your support on World Cancer Day, we can give young people their life back after cancer here's a few Ways YOU can make a difference!