18 May 2021

Welcoming siblings to Trust Letters!

Trust Letters, our constantly growing letter writing community, is now welcoming siblings of young people supported by the Trust!

Siblings of young people who have been supported by the Trust are invited to join Trust Letters, our letter writing network where you can chat, connect and form a friendship with another sibling.

Leanna was one of the first to sign-up to Trust Letters when it opened to young people last year. She said: "There's something really special about getting a letter; it's like a little bit of joy sent in the postbox."

We're really excited to be launching Siblings Letters so even more young people can enjoy the power of the pen.

To join the scheme, please complete this online form to let us know a bit more about you, so that we can match you with your like-minded pen pal.

The only information we will share with your new pen pal is your first name, the rest can be discovered through letters!

We will send you everything you need to be involved in Siblings Letters (paper, envelopes, a pen – and the postage is pre-paid) so taking part will have no cost to you.

Parents or guardians of under 18s must take part by making sure what is written and received is appropriate. Agreeing to this Code of Conduct keeps everyone involved safe.

While no trips for siblings are running in 2021, you can still register your interest for 2022 here when we hope to run extra trips.