18 November 2021

Welcoming new Operations Manager Jeremy

The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust is excited to welcome Jeremy Morris as our new Operations Manager for the South.

Selfie of new Ops Manager Jeremy with dark brown hair and a beard

Jeremy, 34, from Bath will co-ordinate and manage all of the Trust’s sailing and outdoor adventures in the south of the UK from our base in East Cowes.

“I started sailing when I was 5,” says Jeremy. “Pretty much my entire life and upbringing were on boats.”

He’s been skipper, mate, and a volunteer in his sailing life, and knows the benefits of being on the water. He helped run Blind Sailing Week in which he took visually impaired people out to sea on the south coast, where he experienced the freedom sailing can bring.

If he wasn’t part of a crew at sea, he would be helping fix yachts at the docks. He has a history of running a tight ship, once managing marinas in Greece for Neilson Holidays – and he'll make sure the ropes are tidy too.

The next adventure

He’s looking forward to trading the corporate side of sailing for making a difference to young people living through and beyond cancer. “The entire family are moving, I’ve got three kids under two. We’re looking forward to the next adventure, and it’s for a job you can really feel happy. I can’t wait for my first season.”

Talking about how the Trust is different from what he has done before, Jeremy says: “It’s such a different world. It’s about making this the best experience possible for the young people. It’s not about the sailing or how fast they can go – although if they want that too, great – but about making sure they are having a good life on board and can take what they want from it.”

Frank Fletcher, Trust CEO, said: “We welcome Jeremy as we thank Laura (Davis, Jeremy's predecessor) for her incredible time at the Trust, overseeing the continued growth of our operations in the southern half of the UK.

“We are glad to have Jeremy aboard, who brings a lifetime of professional sailing experience and a passion for making a real difference to young people living through and beyond cancer."