20 January 2022

#TrustTour - Hospitals ahoy!

Trust HQ is gearing up for our annual - virtual! - visit to hospitals up and down the UK, all ready to welcome young people to the Trust this year.

It’s the new year which means it’s time to get excited about the season ahead!

And what a season it is going to be. After 315 young people got back on board safely last year, 2022 will see over 600 young people invited to come on an adventure with the Trust this summer, returning to pre-2020 numbers.

Those who enjoyed a Taste of the Trust in 2021 will get the full four-day sailing experience from East Cowes or Largs. Who will join them? That’s where our February comes in.

Hello to hospital partners

A regular part of the Trust’s calendar, the start of a new year sees the team pay visits to all the hospitals who work with us.

While previously this would involve the team touring the UK, these meetings will be held virtually like last year across February.

It is these conversations that kickstart our friends in hospitals talking to the young people they know and signing them up for their first trips. The strength of the three-way partnership between Young Lives vs Cancer, Teenage Cancer Trust and ourselves means young people are being supported and signposted all the way through their experience with cancer. These virtual visits are a fantastic opportunity to tighten that bond between the charities as we continue working closely so young people get the support they need.

Sign yourself up

But young people don’t have to sign up through their hospitals – they can do it themselves too!

If you or someone you know is eligible for a trip, sign up here today.

In more good news, we’re delighted to welcome Dianna to the Largs team. She will be taking part in the virtual hospital visits, as well as helping all young people get signed up for their first trips this year.

We can’t wait to welcome back everyone from last year’s Taste of the Trust and meet everyone coming along for the first time this year. Roll on the summer!