16 June 2022

The Trust summer is officially in full swing

Crew selfie picture of everyone smiling with the sparkling sea behind them

This week 29 young people from across the country set sail on an adventure from our Trust bases in Largs and the Isle of Wight.

Over 50 young people have already enjoyed soaking up the vitamin sea on the Solent since we kicked off our first trip in May and it’s only just begun.

The excitement of welcoming #AllonBoard is here

After the last two years the Trust has been a lifeline for many young people like Libby who set sail on our first adventure of the summer.

Libby said: “You feel so alienated when you finish treatment, everyone just thinks you should automatically snap back, but it’s not that simple.

“It’s nice to come back to the Trust and rebuild your confidence with people who understand. When you're on the trip you can do everything. It gives you so much hope and reassurance that you can live your life again.”

Libby Berridge holding a fender and smiling on a Trust boat with the blue sea in the background

Jam-packed summer

Thankfully this is set to be the Trust's biggest year since 2019 with 32 trips planned to take place. We can’t wait to have some 600 young people on an adventure over the next four months.

We’re loving the buzz of having young people back at our bases and look forward to welcoming around 350 young people as they join us on a first-time four-day sailing trip.

Our full return trip program will be back in action with about 300 young people, who have sailed with the Trust before returning for new sailing and outdoor adventures.

This includes two canal trips for young people, who are full-time wheelchair users or who need more one-to-one support, while siblings join us again in the Lake District.

It's going to be a jam-packed summer of first-time and return trips and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Good news! If you’re under 18 we still have a few return trip places available. Contact the team or check out this link to join us this year.