29 March 2019

Top tips: 5 ways to max out on your online fundraising

Setting up a online giving page is so simple to do and an easy way to spread the word about and keep track of your fundraising. We would recommend Just Giving or Virgin Money Giving.

Ash Gibbs, Trust Fundraiser - Community & IndividualsIn the stories in this Shine we've seen the impact online giving pages can have. So our Community & Individuals Fundraiser, Ash, gives us her top tips on how to make the most of online giving.

Be Creative!

So your feeling inspired but don’t know where to start?  Think of interesting and engaging ways to get people excited about your fundraising.

Things like, “If I reach £1,000 I will abseil down the Spinnaker Tower in a tutu!” You've got to be prepared to abseil in a tutu anyway, but throwing something like this in is going to capture's people's imaginations.

Share the love

Don’t be afraid to share on social media. The beauty of setting up an online giving page is that it's so easy to share! Those who share on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & WhatsApp raise more. Be bold about asking, people want to hear about the good things you’re doing so shout about them!

Just Giving example targetSet a target

On your giving pages you can set a fundraising target and targets are a great motivator! If someone can see how far away you are from your goal they are more likely to donate a higher amount, helping you to reach your goals.

Keep in touch

We're here to support you! We can help with planning, supply you with useful fundraising items like, collection tins, posters, bunting & heaps more!

We would also love to hear about what your up to and then celebrate your achievements. Who knows you could be the next feature of Shine!

Its not over till it’s over

Donations will keep coming in even after your event - 20% of sponsorship will come in after your event has taken place.

So make sure you do an ‘update’ post on social media or even on your giving page and tell friends and family how much of a success your event was.