18 May 2020

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It’s been three weeks since our podcast Sound Waves launched and already it feels like a familiar part of the Trust.

In its first month, episodes have covered isolation during lockdown, staying safe in the sun, the announcement of changes to our 2020 season, and this week’s new episode is all about mental health awareness.

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Episode 4 marks the beginning of mental health awareness week in the UK. Joining Scott are Macy, a volunteer who was supported by the Trust as a young person, skipper Richard, and mental health first aid instructor Susie. They chat about how far discussions around mental health have come, how support on trips can be just what a young person needs to talk about what’s on their mind, and how the mental health of young people in recovery is often up and down. There is a running theme of how it’s okay not to be okay, and the importance of looking after yourself. Macy, Richard, and Susie also tell us what they do to empty out their stress buckets.

Richard shares a lovely quote and image during the conversation, which can be seen below. All available episodes are also listed: