12 October 2020

Sound Waves: Keeping spirits up for World Mental Health Day

As 2020 winds down, Sound Waves uses World Mental Health Day to cherish the ways in which we have all looked after ourselves in this difficult year.

This past weekend saw World Mental Health Day. The day itself will mean lots of different things to different people, but what we’ve chosen to do is have a chat about what 2020 has been like, with a positive twist.

Wen is a volunteer and was supported by the Trust when she was younger, and joined us on the first episode of Sound Waves earlier in the year. Jack has been supported by the Trust on a number of trips and was due to sit his volunteer training this year. Chatting with Wen and Jack, even though we wish for things to have been different, it felt good to take stock and be thankful.

This conversation is us sitting down and noticing the ways in which we have looked after ourselves and each other, and will continue to do so.

Mental health support and resources can be found on our signposting page.