10 August 2020

Sound Waves: Getting back out there!

In the season finale of Sound Waves, we look at how things have changed since the UK's full lockdown, and what kind of support is possible right now.

The UK was in full lockdown the last time we talked about how people can still give their support to changing young lives. Now, we're starting to see some normality return. What was happening two months ago is no longer applicable, but all the same, who knows where we will be in two months' time?

We’ve said it before and we'll keep saying it – once all of this is over, young people are going to need the Trust more than ever. We have to be here in 2021 and beyond to make sure those young people have access to what they need during their recovery.

There’s no one way of giving those young people your backing. Simon tells us about fundraising from home. Tim, a rotarian, tells us about how he and his district will support the Trust after choosing us as one of their charities of the year. We hear about how spreading the word, directing people to our website, sharing our posts on social media – every little helps.

So join us for the season two finale of Sound Waves as we pin down exactly what kind of support is possible right now while staying COVID safe. Let's get back out there!