26 May 2020

Sound Waves episode 5 - fundraising

Episode 5 of the Trust's podcast, Sound Waves, looks at the world of fundraising in a time of Covid-19.

Coronavirus has been devastating for charities' incomes. Not only are massive fundraising events no longer taking place, but individuals aren't as able to raise money themselves either. And yet for charities to survive this time, they need to keep their fundraising efforts up.

This week host Scott is joined by the Trust's Fundraising Manager Lindsay, Trust Youth Board member Danni, and fundraiser and volunteer Derrick who's son Rafe sailed with the Trust. The gang chat about the state of the Trust's fundraising for 2020, look to the future, and share general tips and tricks for fundraising ideas of your own. As well, Danni and Derrick share some incredible success stories from their time fundraising

[And we have exciting new intro and outro music provided by Beth Black!]