18 March 2020

The Trust's social media network is growing

The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust is a community that operates all year-round, not just during the summer trip season. That’s why we’re increasing our social media output so you can stay up to date and involved – wherever you hang out online.

It will also be a chance to stay close as a community at a time many of us have had to change our lifestyles due to the coronavirus outbreak. We'll be tackling social distancing by staying engaged with you over social media, and encourage you to suggest and shape what you want to see from us - let us know!

Facebook Groups

To build stronger mini-communities within our community, and to help you get more tailored advice, tips and to ask questions to people exactly like you, the Trust will be building its Facebook Groups this year. Our volunteers will already have seen changes to our Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust Volunteer Community (if you volunteer and you're not already a Group member please join!) and this will continue to evolve in the coming weeks. At least two more Groups are also planned for parents and our fundraisers so watch this space!

Snapchat - emctrust

So many photographs are taken every week during trip season: by the end of last summer, we had sorted through well over 50,000 snaps. Some of these appear on our Instagram, where a selection of photos are accompanied with anecdotes, quotes, and information.

Our new Snapchat account is a chance to share images of what’s happening as it’s happening. This means an instant and even better look at trips, whether that’s at sea or on residential adventure weeks, as well as all the latest from our fundraising team. It also means a peek behind the scenes at how everything comes together. And - we hope it's a way to stay engaged with the Trust community while many of us have seen our daily routines changed.

TikTok - @emctrust

Across all of our social media channels, the Trust has rarely created its own video content. We experimented at the Birmingham Volunteer Training and Update Day with a short introduction to the day on Twitter from Holly and Scott, and with a Facebook Live stream of the Volunteer of the Year announcement.

If only there was a hugely popular platform built entirely around sharing short-form videos…Introducing the Trust’s shiny new TikTok account! As with Snapchat, TikTok will be used to show trips in action and let you know what’s going on all year round with vlogs from the entire Trust family. Expect one or two guaranteed-to-be-embarrassing attempts at viral trends when Team Isle of Wight and Team Largs get together too…

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