20 June 2024

Say hi to new Trust teamers!

A warm welcome to the new faces inspiring brighter futures and keeping the magic of the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust in full swing

Christian smiling and holding a clipboard at the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust's Brighter Futures Sailing Day event

There is always so much going on at the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust. Whether you are taking part in one of our sailing adventures, changing lives by raising money, or you just happen to pop into one of our offices one day, you might just meet some of our newest team members.

We are so glad to have them on board. All of them are passionate about making a difference to young lives and we are lucky they have joined us. So let’s meet them!

Fab fundraisers

While the wonderful Lindsay Nehorai is on maternity leave, Phil Steventon (banner image above) has taken the reins as Fundraising Manager. A keen sailor and adventurer, her energy has already been a hugely welcome addition to the team.

Helping Hayley Skinner out is Christian Meredith (right) who joins us as a Trust & Corporates Fundraiser. With his addition to the Fundraising team, we are diversifying our income and setting ourselves up for the future as we aim to be there for every young person in the country looking for post-treatment support.

Jamie Williams has stepped into the Community & Individual Fundraiser role, looking after everyone out there with their exciting ideas. Whether it’s a bungee jump or a bake sale at a village hall, Jamie is here to make sure you’ve got everything you need to make it a roaring success.

Heads of fun

Anyone who’s been on a sailing adventure with the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust knows just how important the trip assistants are. Affectionately known as the Heads of Fun, they are there to make sure everyone has the essentials for a trip’s success.

So please say hello to Daisy Dyer (Isle of Wight) and Hazel Kennedy (Largs) if you see them. They will be providing food, games, and anything else you could ever need to have the best time.

Alicia Anderson standing at East Cowes Marina which some yachts blurry behind her and a blue Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust banner across the bottomComms, finance, admin

We are excited to have Claire Thomson as part of the Communications team for the summer. She is based in Largs but will be helping with our goal to promote the charity far and wide across the UK.

Like with Ashton Howard and Scott Wilson who you may have met on trips before, you will likely find Claire with a camera in hand looking to share the wonderful stories of the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust.

Becca Burt takes over as Bookkeeper from Robert Smith who we wish all the best for in his retirement. We are grateful for her to be filling his shoes and joining us in East Cowes to look after our finances and accounts.

As our community of volunteers grow, so does the need for support in making sure they all feel valued and communicated with. Alicia Anderson (left) is on hand as our Admin Assistant to ensure that happens and that our amazing volunteers are well cared for.

Welcome aboard!