07 October 2020

Your Return Trip invites have landed!

Check your emails, your invite to come on a 2021 return trip should have now arrived! After the disappointment of this summer, it’s super exciting to be looking ahead to what might be possible next year.

If you are 18 or over, the invite will have been sent to you personally, if you are under 18 it will have gone to the parent/guardian contact details we have on record. If there’s nothing in yours or their inbox, check your junk mail. And if there’s still nothing there, please contact [email protected] who will be able to help.

**Please read the email carefully and in full!**

As we announced in September, we are planning trips in 2021 along a spectrum of what may or may not be possible due to COVID-19. Along that spectrum there are a number of possibilities, including running socially distanced trips and/or looking to deliver more regionally-based activities.

To help us plan we’re asking you to choose your trips as normal. You can get a taste of what’s available for which age-groups and the trip dates here – Return Trips. In the invite you’re asked to choose your top three options. If you can only make one trip, tell us why.

As we said, we’re having to be a bit flexible in our trip planning. So, it might be we have to run socially distanced trips with a reduced capacity. If that happens, we will take the number of trips you have previously had into account and preference will be given to those who have had fewer trips. If we can’t provide you with a trip this year, you will be placed on a waiting list and we will also be looking at other ways we can support you in 2021.

Things to do first…

What happens next?

If you have any other questions, the 2021 FAQs on our website will be updated regularly - Looking ahead to 2021 - FAQs.

Got a sibling that would like to come on a trip too?

Our siblings trip will (hopefully!) be back in 2021 too. Find our more here - Siblings Trip. So, if you’ve been previously supported by the Trust and have a brother or sister aged 13-17 who would like to come along, email Lucy on [email protected] or register their interest via the website.