24 July 2005

Queens Medical Centre Nottingham

24th July 05

The students again had the pleasure of being transported by limousine from Southampton Central to the Red Jet Ferry Terminal before departing for Cowes, Isle of Wight. Here they took residence upon the Trust’s chartered UKSA vessels Spirit and Avocet.

Again, the group, comprised of Shaun Wood 12, Rhiannon Bull 12, Nathan Quinn 15, Kyle Banner 12, Jonathon Hayes 16, Jessica Priest 12, Matthew Robinson 11, Rebekah Marong 10, Jacob Jones 15 and Dale Campbell 10, enjoyed the tour of the lifeboat and tea at the RSYC.

Everyone was delighted when Ellen was able to join the group for the journey from Yarmouth to the Folly Inn, and the water fight between the two yachts was of epic proportion. Ellen divided her time between the two boats before joining the youngsters and crew for the BBQ on the River Medina. Here the group were joined by the Three Peaks team of The Derbyshire who had raised an amazing £10,000 for the Trust by completing the Three Peaks Challenge. Thanks go to the team for their fundraising accomplishment and incredible barbequing abilities!!

On the last morning when goody bags and certificates of achievement were awarded many of the children were asked to comment on their trip with the Trust.

Jessica commented that the best part of the trip was “having the chance to go to sea” an opportunity that she had never had before. The trip was especially significant for Jessica as she learnt to swim in the UKSA pool on the first evening. Well done Jessica.

Some of the values that the youngsters felt they had learned were a greater sense of adventure, independence and greater self confidence. Eddie Dobson, the nurse representative from Nottingham who had been involved in the treatment and recovery from cancer of many of the children stated “What was good was being with the children and seeing them develop skills and friendships over the four days”.

Again it was felt that the trip had been an outstanding success and that the aims of ‘inspiration through sailing’ had been achieved.