14 June 2021

Statement on Government's COVID restrictions update

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement today (14 June) that COVID restrictions in England will remain until Monday 19 July we will now take the time to reflect on if and/or in what ways this has implications for our planned trip programme this summer.

This will also allow us to hear and consider whether the announcements from the governments in Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales will affect our plans regionally and/or the ability of young people from these home countries to join us.

We know the uncertainty isn’t easy for any of the young people, families and our incredible hospital and charity partners. But we must get this right, because we know the biggest difference we can make is bringing young people together again in person and we want to be able to do this in as safe a way as possible.

What this means

Our first one-day Taste of the Trust trips (both sailing) are scheduled in Largs and Belfast, for young people from Scotland and Northern Ireland, in the week of Monday 12 July. The first trip in England – a five-day 18-24 years’ outdoor activities residential at Essex Outdoor Bradwell – is scheduled to start on Monday 19 July, the day restrictions are now due to lift.

We have always made it clear our plans are based on three assumptions. That…

Cases and hospitalisations have increased nationally due to the Delta variant. But vaccine deployment and uptake remain very positive.

We now need to…

We have stressed repeatedly since announcing our 2021 summer programme that nothing matters more than keeping young people and our team of staff, skippers, and volunteers safe. That remains our starting point for all decisions we take.

For this reason, we will look at the situation on a trip-by-trip basis and acknowledge there might be a difference in what may and may not be possible between the different types of trips.

For example, our one-day Taste of the Trust trips are all outside, whereas residentials involve sharing indoor space. There is also variation between 18-24s’ trips, where everyone will be at least three weeks post-vaccination (first dose), and 8-17s’, where the young people won’t be vaccinated, but the Trust team and volunteers will be.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding. If you have any questions, please drop an email at [email protected]. Please also refer to our 2021 season FAQs for information on how we plan to keep young people safe this summer - Keeping young people safe in 2021 - FAQs

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