13 February 2023

Pioneering charity partnership celebrates 2nd birthday

Happy second birthday to us! Saturday (11 February) marked two years of the pioneering three-way partnership between Teenage Cancer Trust, Young Lives vs Cancer and the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust.

All supporting young people in our own unique ways during and after cancer treatment, but together, working to help every one of those young people experience the greatest possible outcomes and impact to live the life they choose.

Over the past 12 months, many exciting things have been agreed and achieved.

A soon-to-be published diagnosis resource has been produced in a collaboration between Teenage Cancer Trust and Young Lives vs Cancer, and a new digital calendar will enable staff across all three charities to better share and signpost young people to further support, events, and other opportunities.

Meanwhile, almost 43% of the 266 young people who sailed with the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust for the first time in 2022 were referred directly through a Teenage Cancer Trust Youth Support Co-ordinator or a Young Lives vs Cancer Social Worker, with a further 26% signposted by their Clinical Nurse Specialist.

Looking ahead

It’s the ground-breaking foundational research project –alongside the Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group (CCLG) and Dartington Service Design Lab – that forms the cornerstone of this year’s partnership priorities.

This research aims to build a new evidence base looking at the psychosocial needs of young cancer patients and how the current system supports them and identify gaps and what needs to happen to build a better future for children and young people diagnosed with cancer.

As a partnership, we are committed to working both individually and together to improve the inclusivity, diversity and belonging for the young people we all support, while improving the visibility of and access to our services.

We are undertaking a joint regional mapping exercise - to identify where there might be gaps in or duplication of service provision and access across the UK, and are committed to continuing to work together on this.

When the partnership was launched, we committed to putting young people first. That is as true today as it was then.

Thank you for making it happen.

Frank Fletcher, Chief Executive, Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust
Kate Collins, Chief Executive, Teenage Cancer Trust
Rachel Kirby-Rider, Chief Executive, Young Lives vs Cancer