03 February 2004

Over £18,000 raised at The New London Boat Show!

3rd February 04

The Ellen MacArthur Trust took Ellen’s original Kingfisher to the January boatshow this year. The Trust was there to raise funds that would allow them to take children recovering from cancer and leukaemia on sailing trips. The trips run in July this year.

Thanks to the enormous amount of support from almost 30 volunteers who helped to run the stand, the event was hugely successful.

Everyone who came outside was welcomed aboard and given a tour around Kingfisher. The tours proved so popular that on at least two occasions the weight of people waiting to be shown around threatened to sink the floating pontoon that the boat was moored to!

The outstanding success of having Kingfisher at the boatshow was epitomised by the amount of people that entered the raffle to try and win a day sail on her later this year. Over 2,000 people bought tickets. A heartfelt thank you goes out to all of those of you who supported the Trust’s activities by buying tickets.

The Lucky winner was Paul Derwent from Chedal in Cheshire. When told he was the owner of the winning ticket he said “Me? You’re kidding, I have never won anything in my life!”

Paul was at the show as he wants to sell his powerboat and buy a yacht. Not having done any sailing yet he said he is “Really looking forward to going out on Kingfisher.”

It would seem that Paul is going to have about the most exciting introduction to yachting that anyone could get!

According to most of the people who came to see Kingfisher, being shown around was the best thing about the show. Most people couldn’t believe how small and sparse Ellen’s living space was compared to the size of the boat. It came as quite a surprise when we explained that Ellen’s toilet was the bucket in the corner of the nav station!

The total amount raised was £18,122.62 This will cover the cost of taking ten children on sailing trips this summer, so well done to every one who contributed.