25 February 2006

On their way - Peter, Laura, Maria and Barbara are finally on their way

25th February 06

Hi Frank

Just getting ready to step onto the plane from Heathrow to Miami. Thought I would send you the first up date.

Laura, Maria, Barbara and myself are at the airport waiting for our flight to depart, about 20 mins to go. The girls and I are really excited to be off now after all the training last week. We are delighted to be representing the EMT on Gipsy Moth IV and the sailing, sights and new cultures will be unbelievable. The trip will be a once in a lifetime experience and we all feel so privileged to be setting out as ambassadors for Northern Ireland Cancer Fund for Children and the Ellen MacArthur Trust.

We fly from Heathrow to Miami to Panama and then by car down to the port at Balboa. For some of the Girls it is the first time outside of the UK so the travel alone is an adventure so you can imagine how excited they are. Maria and Laura are jumping up and down singing while Barbara is trying to keep them under control with not much success, better sign off now and get these EMT ambassadors onto the plane.

Panama here we come ready or not, speak to you from the boat.

Please say hello to all the team.



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