19 July 2022

My Life Now - meet Miss Wales finalist Alys

It’s been 19 years since the Trust first set sail – what are the young people who have been on trips up to now? Our 'My Life Now' series shows a positive future after cancer is a reality. The Trust gave Alys the confidence to enter the Miss Wales 2022 pageant.

Alys helming the boat on her Trust tripName: Alys Prosser

Age 18

Diagnosis/year I was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2007.

When did you first sail with the Trust? My first trip was in 2016.

What you do now? I am a performing arts student in college and am going to study musical theatre at university.

Explain what that means? I have been in love with performing for as long as I can remember, and that love has done nothing but grow ever since. I can’t picture my life without it.

What's the coolest thing you've done lately? I am beyond proud to say that I am 2022 finalist for Miss Wales.

Why did you do want to do this? I have always admired pageantry due to how much the community empowers woman and raises awareness for lots of different charities. What really pushed me to apply for this was the opportunity to be a role model for all the people who have grown up with an illness and have suffered with confidence issues as a result. My goal is to show people there is so much to life after treatment, and you really can achieve anything.

Alys posing outside of a castle as the Miss Wales finalist Why did you need the Trust's support in recovery? I can safely say the trips I have been on with the Trust have improved my confidence so much. I would not have experienced so many amazing memories if it wasn’t for them. It is so lovely to meet so many inspirational young people on these trips. Along with creating new bonds with people, it’s really special to encourage each other and achieve things you never thought you’d get to do.

What part has the Trust played in you doing what you are now? Confidence is a crucial skill in the performing arts industry. Not only did the Trust give me the confidence I needed but it has also taught me to never hold back and that is a skill that I transfer in all aspects of my life.

I tend to get stressed easily and frustrated with myself that I don’t learn or understand things as quickly as other people around me. The Trust is a great reminder that everyone does things at their own pace. It is also impossible to get stressed out because you are surrounded by such incredible people.

What's your top tip for a young person interested in working in your industry? My advice for people who are thinking about a career in Performing Arts is to go for it! Even if it’s not something you want to pursue in later life, it’s such a fun experience and a good stress reliever that also teaches you so many valuable life lessons that you will be able to use at all times.