16 February 2023

Musto t-shirt competition 2023 winner!

A cancer diagnosis can knock life off course, leaving young people without a sense of direction. After sailing with the Trust last summer, Lucy described the adventure like a compass helping her get back on track. This is the inspiration behind her winning Musto t-shirt design for 2023, which every young person, volunteer, skipper and team member will wear this summer.

Winning Musto tee design by Lucy, featuring a compass with the Trust's logo in the centre, and E-M-C-T instead of N-S-E-W

There were so many creative entries submitted to this year's t-shirt design competition - THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to send theirs in.

Musto have been the Trust's clothing provider since the very beginning. Unwrapping their tee on day one is always a highlight for every young person who comes on a trip. Not only are the t-shirts super stylish, but they help keep young people sun-safe while enjoying the outdoors too.

Over 30 entires were submitted last summer to come up with the design for 2023. All of them were inspirational and unique, and showed what the Trust means to young people - the standard was extremely high!

Congratulations Lucy!

Lucy returned to the Trust in Largs last summer for her third adventure on the water. About her winning design (pictured right, not final version), she said: “A compass is a vital piece of equipment when sailing. I outlined the Trust’s logo at its centre because it reflects my cancer journey. The Trust has played a fundamental role in the growth of my confidence, independence, and optimism for the future, knowing I should be proud of what I have battled through.

“The compass was chosen as my life can continue to go in any direction, but I know I have the Trust at the heart of my journey and know I can always rely on them.”

Lucy was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia when she was two and relapsed when she was seven. Her early life was marked by a loss of independence due to her illness, which led to being shy and closed off as a teenager.

Lucy smiling at the camera with her arm round two crew mates while sailing on a Trust trip in Largs, with grey waters and green hills behind her

That all changed when she set sail with the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust on the Isle of Wight in 2019. Meeting people her own age who had been through something similar to her had a huge impact at an important time in her life.

She explains: “That trip was just before moving to university. It was a big transition for me, leaving my family, moving away from home. I don’t think I would’ve managed it as well if I didn’t have that week with the Trust. Sailing was a new and scary experience which I loved, so I knew I would be okay going to uni as well.

“The Trust has made it okay for me to realise what I’ve been through has been hard, but that I’ve also got people around me who can relate. That’s really made me a more positive person in life.

“I’ve learned to be myself here and that that’s okay. You gain so much independence from learning how to do the ropes and the fenders, and having the responsibility of helping the whole crew. It’s great.”

There for every voyage

Musto have been the Trust’s official clothing supplier since the charity was founded in 2003. They invited young people supported by the Trust in 2022 to create a design summing up the impact it has had on their lives.

Nick Houchin, Head of Marketing at Musto, said Musto is proud to have been with the Trust since day one.

He said: “What Ellen set out to achieve with the Trust 20 years ago was inspirational and we are glad to have been there for every voyage. All of us at Musto have an emotional connection with the Trust. When we join trips, we come back excited to do more and volunteer again.

“The Trust supports young people to believe in a brighter future, and we believe in the Trust.”

Built on over 50 years of engineering cutting-edge performance appeal, Musto are the world’s leading sailing brand and a British leader in field sports. They use the same fabric technology that protects our ocean racers to keep you dry and comfortable whatever your outdoor activity. Find out more at www.musto.com.