18 October 2023

2024 Musto trip tee unveiled!

It's time to share the winning design of the Musto t-shirt competition, meet the winner, and discover the inspiration behind the tee that will be worn by every young person that comes on a sailing or outdoor adventure in 2024.

Lucie's winning t-shirt design, featuring an Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust branded yacht, sailing on top of words styled like waves, which say "In the same boat, believing in a brighter future"

The entries submitted for this year’s t-shirt design competition were all so creative and heartfelt. It was amazing to see all the ways young people represented their feelings towards the Trust through their art. Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry – they were all magical.

Congratulations to Lucie who created the winning design

When Lucie returned to sail this summer, her adventure helped her get back on track and brought some joy after her diagnosis.

About her winning design (pictured right, not final version), she said: “I wanted to incorporate the values of the Trust as I feel they’re such an important part of the whole experience. The idea of the words becoming the water came from the way the Trust has kept many people afloat and given them the opportunity to thrive after cancer.”

Lucie was diagnosed with a synovial sarcoma – a type of bone tumour – in her left leg in 2018. Both of her trips so far have inspired her to feel more optimistic about the future, and more equipped to take on what life throws at her.

She said: “The difference the Trust has made to me as an individual is immense. Each time I return from a trip, my friends and family notice a positive change in me. I’m more confident, have a more positive outlook on life, and find it easier to handle the ‘harder stuff’.

Lucie standing on deck during a sailing adventure with the Trust on a sunny day, smiling at the camera with sunglasses on

“Picking one favourite part feels like an impossible task, there have been so many, like the water fights between boats.

"One of the best is the way the charity helps young people, like myself, rebuild themselves and gives them the confidence that they really can do anything, even after a diagnosis like cancer. Everyone just ‘gets it’ which puts my mind at ease.”

Twenty years of teamwork

Musto have been supplying the Trust with clothing since the charity was founded in 2003, enabling young people to stay safe and enjoy themselves in every element.

Since 2019, the long-sleeved tee young people receive at the start of a trip, which has inbuilt protection from the sun, has been designed by a young person summing up what the Trust means to them. Each year, young people look forward to unwrapping their new tee with a unique design for that season. They are practical, sentimental, and a highlight of every trip.

Built on over 50 years of engineering cutting-edge performance appeal, Musto are the world’s leading sailing brand and a British leader in field sports. Find out more at www.musto.com.