08 March 2019

A celebration of women who empower young people in recovery from cancer

This International Women's Day, the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust celebrates the incredible women that help empower young people in recovery from cancer.

Thousands of young lives have been transformed through Trust trips but none of this would have been possible without our founding patron and true female icon  -                 Ellen MacArthur.

Picture of the iconic Ellen MacArthur who set up the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust We're proud to be surrounded by wonderful female role models from our volunteers, fundraisers, and skippers to the young people whose achievements inspire us every day.

Record-breaking sailor Ellen MacArthur conquered the world becoming the youngest and fastest women to make the solo non-stop circumnavigation of the world but she says the achievement that trumps them all is setting up the Trust.

“The goal of the Trust is helping young people in recovery and seeing those smiles and their confidence build is what it's all about."

Cancer recovery would be a very different place without the support of the Trust as  Claire who set sail on her first Trust trip when she was 14 explains:

"After treatment, a doctor tells you it’s over, you are clear and free to resume your life. But the earth has been taken from under your feet, it isn’t going to be put back in the same way ever again and there won’t be anything to stand on for a while."Claire pictured outside of the houses of parliament proudly wearing her Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust jacket

Claire's first Trust trip planted the seed that restored her sense of possibility and positivity for the future.

Now 26, Claire represents the young people's voice on our Board of Trustees and has a successful career working at the department of health policy lead.

Meet Claire and hear her full and inspirational story HERE

We’re delighted to be surrounded by courageous, brilliant and influential women who support and encourage one another to make the Trust community a truly special place.

Here's to YOU all!