22 May 2019

How you can make a 'runderful' difference!

For many people, the thought of running may seem a little daunting,  but don't let that stop you from joining the #TrustTribe at an iconic running event this year.

Your speed doesn't matter forward is forwardYou don't have to be an athlete, in fact, most of the people who run on behalf of the Trust are first-timers. If you can do a brisk walk then it's likely you can learn to love running.

Inspired to get started? Why not give yourself some motivation by signing up for a race here.

Not only will it improve your health and wellbeing but you could also empower young people in recovery from cancer.

Signing up to an event and having a goal in mind is the best way to get out there, so put on your trainers and follow our tips below to get you started:

Top Tips

  1. Firstly remove the thought that you’re “not a runner”. You don’t have to run a certain distance or pace to be qualified as a runner. It’s a natural movement that you did without thinking as a child and it’s something you can pick back up as an adult.

  2. Keep it fun and get yourself a running buddy, whether you run with a friend, family member or join a club  - check out your local Park Run for free weekly, 5km timed runs around the country.

  3. The most important thing is to train sensibly and get your body used to doing longer and longer runs gently and steadily, and most of all ENJOYABLY!

  4. It’s important that you prioritise a realistic amount of training runs into your lifestyle. Don’t overwhelm yourself because placing too many demands on your body and your time is not sustainable.

  5. Enjoy that runderful feeling as endorphins flood your body as you run, knowing that every step you take on the day will in some way benefit a young person in recovery from cancer,  will stop you giving up.

What are you waiting for join the #TrustTribe TODAY!