20 May 2020

Help us do more good!

Danni Clapcott PPE fundraiser It started as a 2.6 Challenge; a goal to sew 13 PPE gowns to represent 2.6 times the five years she had been supported by the Trust.

But less than a month later, Youth Board member and volunteer, Danni Clapcott, has now made over 560 gowns and 11 scrub bags, so far raising almost £700 with her employer, National Instruments, kindly match funding whatever she raises!

Danni is just one of our incredible supporters, who have not only thought outside the fundraising box but thrown the box away in their quest to come up with innovative ways to support the Trust through COVID-19 and beyond.

Danni, who was diagnosed with cancer of the appendix two days before her 16th birthday, explains why it matters. “I got to experience the incredible work the Trust does. After attending the launch of the Trust’s ‘Ambitions for 2020-22’ earlier this year, I thought how I could make my impact?

“I set out to raise £1,650 - the cost for three young people to attend a first-time trip - before 29 October to mark eight years since my diagnosis. This is where the 2.6 Challenge came in. I had seen many people running 26 miles or up hills 26 times, but what could I do? I have a Jones sewing machine and I joined a local sewing group on Facebook for the NHS. It’s gone way beyond what I imagined when I started!”

The ‘Now’

Danni has adapted to the challenges of fundraising through COVID-19. She’s found something she loves, that makes a difference and which captures the imagination.

So what could you do? As long as it complies with social distancing guidelines, the world’s your oyster, even if it’s a virtual one. From online quizzes, where the winner nominates the proceeds go to the charity of their choice, to having a clear-out and selling your stuff on eBay, people are finding lots of ways to do good right now.

Click here for more ideas of what you can do to still make a difference this year. Virtual events have also been massively popular since the start of lockdown and here’s 10 top virtual event ideas to get the brain cogs whirring.

The ‘Next’

We’re all hoping in six months’ time the world might be returning to some semblance of normality. Which is perfect timing for our events and for Christmas and New Year fundraising inspiration!

If you’ve discovered running during lockdown and/or you’ve got your mileage or pace up to a new level test yourself in one of these events we’ve got coming up in September and October…

Great North Run - Sunday 13 September

Royal Parks Half Marathon - Sunday 11 October

Great Birmingham Run - Sunday 11 October

Great South Run - Sunday 18 October

*If for any reason these events are cancelled outside of our control, we will offer a full refund on your ticket or move it to 2021 if you prefer.

Then we’re into festive fundraising time, when there’s Christmas fayres and parties to capitalize on, and New Year when turning a resolution into a fundraiser can really bring the pounds in. Don’t forget World Cancer Day on 4 February is also a great opportunity to organise an event or do a talk on our behalf.

The ‘Future’

2021 feels like a magical faraway land! But if you’ve got a challenge you’ve always wanted to take on, an occasion that’s going to take a bit of planning and promotion, an event requiring some serious training, now’s the time to crack on!

Those supporters who were committed to going the extra mile for the Trust this year have already moved their fundraisers to next.

Amongst these are the Williams family, who are travelling around the country on a motorbike and sidecar doing talks about the Trust as they go, young person Nick Earley, who will be cycling from Largs to Cowes, and skipper Richard Beardsall, who’s organising a golf day at his local club. Could you join them?

The ‘why’

It might not be on the water this year, but young people are going to need Trust support more than ever after the pandemic. From young people isolated through shielding to those currently having treatment at the hardest time possible, we need to be here so they can get that support through 2020 then into 2021 and beyond.

Whatever you can do you will make a massive difference in this being possible. So if you can, please do something. Thank you.