21 July 2021

Happy birthday Trust Letters!

The Trust’s letter writing community is having its first anniversary!

Graphic of two orange and blue envelopes with 'Ahoy there' written on them

Launched as part of the Trust’s Virtual Summer in 2020, Trust Letters is for young people to chat, connect, and form a friendship with someone who has been through a similar experience – all through letter writing.

Since it began, 40 young people have signed up, some of whom have been writing to each other since the very beginning.

You don’t have to have previously been supported by the Trust to get involved either – 17 letter writing young people are entirely new to the Trust and haven’t yet been out on the water.

Under 18s led the way with Trust Letters first, before over 18s joined the community in October last year. In May, siblings of those supported by the Trust joined their very own Siblings Letters too.

Something to look forward to

Georgia has found waiting for a letter in the post comforting over the last year: “Trust Letters has given me such a boost throughout the pandemic. Lockdown has been full of negativity, but writing and receiving the Trust letters has given me something to look forward to!”

Trust team member Beth is delighted with Trust Letters’ success: “We are thrilled that Trust Letters is now a year old and continuing to provide on-going companionship, support, and excitement for an ever-growing number of young people in recovery from cancer.

“It has been a pleasure to witness blossoming friendships over the past year all through written words. The scheme has been popular across all ages, with 8- to 25-year-olds currently taking part. Some pairs have now been writing to each other for a whole year!

“The letters have been a clear source of comfort and joy for the young people involved, it’s amazing to see the benefits of peer-to-peer support become possible despite physical distance.”

Join Trust Letters by signing up here and Siblings Letters here.