14 August 2018

Great South Run - Training Plan

Thank you for choosing to run the Great South for the Trust! Every step you take on the day will in some way benefit a young person fighting cancer, and that will be the one thing that will stop you giving up….. even if it gets a bit hard towards the end and you have to walk a bit!

So where to start? Our lovely friend Jo from Love Running has put together a training plan to help you get race ready....

If it is your first race, and the furthest you have ever run, it probably seems a bit daunting at the moment, but don’t be scared. The most important thing is to train sensibly and get your body used to doing longer and longer runs gently and steadily, and most of all ENJOYABLY!

By now, with just 10 weeks to go until the “big day”, running 10 miles may seem impossible, but the following guide will help to keep you on target:

If you would like help formulating a training plan please get in touch and I’d be glad to help