19 July 2005

Great Ormond Street & UCLH

19th July 05

The second sailing trip organised by the trust was attended by youngsters from Great Ormond Street Hospital and University College of London Hospital.

This year the use of limousines were kindly donated by New Forest Limousines. Those involved on the trip were able to enjoy the height of luxury as everyone was given a tour around Southampton. They were joined for the tour by Ellen, who, everyone was shocked to find, had never been in a limousine.

Daniel Goulding, 11, Chris Tucker 15, Bamidaley Brown 12, Burak Celikbilek 8, Javan Walcott 17, Matthew Cady 13, Andrew Suares 15, Joe Burchell 13 and Tom Broughton 16 made up the two crews onboard the catamaran Spirit and monohull Avocet, skippered by Mark Wibberley and Martin Noyle.

The adventure began in the UKSA pool with a game of water-polo followed the next morning by safety and sailing briefings during which each member learnt the basics of sailing, from winching and helming to cooking and cleaning!

The rest of the trip included a night in Yarmouth. Here the group enjoyed afternoon tea at the Royal Solent Yacht Club, a tour of the Yarmouth Lifeboat and a game of highly competitive and sportsman-like football.

The following day saw the group travel back toward Cowes and up the River Medina to the Folly Inn after a more exciting day of sailing in the Solent with stronger winds.

Despite a few cases of sea sickness everyone remained cheerful and very enthusiastic. Helming was the most popular position on board although Bamidaley soon revealed himself as a natural in the galley and commented, “cooking was what I liked the most.”

Tom Broughton said, “Everything was great – the weather, the waves, the food. I learnt three new knots and information on how the boat worked. I didn’t expect the limo or to meet Ellen. That was brilliant”

On the final evening a Barbeque was enjoyed by all before everyone sadly returned to London the following morning after an adventure-ridden, successful few days.

The following is a short diary written by Daniel Goulding throughout the trip.

Day 1: When we got to Southampton Central we got in a limo and Ellen MacArthur was in one. We piled in and started to chat about everything and anything. Then we got on the ferry and we got to go on the bridge and meet the captain. As short mini bus ride away was the UKSA where we picked up our boat and got a safety brief. Then we played games and sadly had to go to bed.

Day 2: I got up at 7.30 and the rest were up just half an hour after me. When we were all up we had breakfast. Then our skipper (Martin) put lemon juice in his hair (a silly idea) then we each got a pair of Bolle sunglasses and mine are the best. Then we set sail for Yarmouth and when we got there we moored up to a buoy and got a mini speed boat to the RSYC for tea and donuts which was really great. Then we went into town and did a spot of shopping then we had a tour around the lifeboat which was so cool. After dinner we had a game of football and of course my team won.

Day 3: After waking up we had a breakfast fry up and then we had a steering competition. Then we started sailing and we played “Spot the Buoy”. Then we had the boat heeled over in the wind. Then we went to the Inn for a BBQ. I think I learnt a lot from our great skipper Martin and the best bit of the trip was sailing in the strong winds.

By Daniel G