27 July 2004

Great Ormond Street Hopsital

27th July 04

The Third Group came from Great Ormond Street Hospital in London and joined us for the weekend 22-25th July.

Ellen managed to get some time out of her busy schedule and, to the delight of the students, managed to join us for most of the trip.

Another memorable weekend was had by all, the highlight of the trip was possibly the football match between the self proclaimed teams - Cancer City and Leukaemia United! After some very dubious refereeing decisions by the trust manager Cancer City narrowly beat their opponents 11 goals to 10!

Here are some of the pictures from the match, the first one shows the Yarmouth cop in full cry. The second is of the match in full flow as Dean dribbles towards (his own?) goalmouth.

The following words are from young Emmanuel Ogunyemi’s journal of the weekend.

12.30 First we were late because Daddy forgot to take his phone.

13.20 We are heading to be late. We just met one of our friends from church and that took some time off. Sadly I made everyone miss the train but on a happy note, I met everyone and they are very nice.

16.00 I am sitting next to a boy named Peter. He finished his treatment two years ago but we have got lots to do. I just can’t wait.

19.30 Our cabin is really small and we just did fishing and swimming. We done swimming about 7.30. I didn’t catch any fish again.

Friday 11.00 After one day we are moving and I got to play on Martin’s saxophone. Also I met Ellen MacArthur. I can’t wait to get where we are going.

Saturday 14.00 We have just won a football match because of golden goals. We lost a football match by 10-11 now.

Sunday 13.00 Ellen is leaving but I so want to come next year.